Autumn Equinox by

On this beautiful Autumn Equinox day, day and night stand in balance. Light and darkness, night and day.
I often think of the balance in male – female terms. Opposites, but equal opposites. Magnetic attraction forms between the two polarities. Relationships form, the cornerstones of the lives of many, but often, so difficult!
What follows from now on is a gradual increase of darkness, moving through gentle twilight to the pitch dark night of Winter Solstice around December 22, and then back toward light until Spring Equinox around March 22, and then Summer Solstice around June 22.
Remember the night sky on that longest, darkest of nights on planet earth during Winter Solstice that comes next? If you look up then and there are no city lights obstructing your view, you can see the reminder of light in the stars above. There’s always a tinge, just a tiniest trickle of the opposite in everything.
Today, it’s a perfect day of balance. Curiously, the Sun that marks this day at 0 degrees Libra has no major aspects, or no other aspects at all – except an out of sign and almost 3 degree orb with Uranus in a quincunx or inconjunct aspect.
This aspect is said to be one of adjustment, that the signs involved have nothing in common, and they need to somehow be balanced to make it work. This time, it’s from Libra to Aries since Uranus still has 2.5 degrees to get to 0 degrees Taurus to make the perfect quincunx.
Thinking about this astrologically, the balance needs to be forged between your center, your core, and your urge to be different from the rest, to trailblaze your own path regardless.
Without other, mediating or soft aspects to the Sun, how can this be achieved in the world full of woe, even on beautiful sunny equinox days?
Looking at Uranus, it has an opposition to Moon and Jupiter, and trines to Venus in first degrees of Virgo and Saturn in late Sagittarius.
The key here may well be to use originality and the need to break free together with love (Venus) and discipline (Saturn). And with the Jupiter/Moon – throw in sheer good luck that often comes with Uranus touching Jupiter.
We came here to explore and enjoy, seek and find.
Equinox energy today indicates the balance between opposites is achievable, be it with your partner in love, work, creativity, home, money, health, or spirituality. It’s urging to be original, inventive, trust your hunches in true Uranian fashion, and go where no one’s gone before in your quest! – thank you!

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