Solar eclipse August 21 – all is well

aug 21 eclipse

Today’s eclipse means in simple terms, our earth, sun, and moon are all aligned, but so that the moon blocks the sunlight for a few moments. On the total eclipse path, this will be for about 2 minutes 40 seconds, and the whole experience will be about 3 hours from beginning to end, according to NASA. But all of USA where I write will see the partial eclipse.

What does this mean? To you, to USA, to the world?

If we believe the texts of old, they usually predict calamities and disasters, especially if they happen to touch a degree in the chart of a powerful person, like a ruler of a country, both for that person and for that country. I’m sure we’ve all seen plenty of those in the forecasts.

I choose to be a different kind of astrologer. I LOVE the eclipse, because it is bringing cosmic consciousness to the planet! Everyone is talking about it, it makes us look up to the sky in wonder, realize how big the universe is, how breathtaking the sun and moon and stars are, and finally, how beautiful the earth, our home is.

When the light comes out again after the moon moves away from blocking the sunlight, how great is that? The world didn’t end, the sky’s blue once more, animals that took shelter and shook during the eclipse return to normal, all is well.

Light can be darkened temporarily, more so if the eclipse hits a sensitive spot like the sun or moon or ascendant in your own birth chart, but not to worry! After the dark of the night, the sun rises, birds chirp, at night the sun goes down, moon rises against the backdrop of gorgeous velvet sky with jewels of stars twinkling, and then the cycle starts again.

All is well. All is well.


Photo courtesy of nasa. Thanks!

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