Leo New MoonLEO NEW MOON OF POWER reminds us of taking our power back from whatever might be pulling it away.

New Moon was actually yesterday, but according to Jan Spiller, the power period of New Moons lasts for a few days before and after the actual lunation. She advices it’s a very powerful time to set out your intentions for the coming month, and gives pointers as to what seems most potent for the time according to what sign it’s in.

With thanks to Jan, I’m expanding on this based on the New Moon aspects as well.

The zero degrees Leo Moon and Sun together speaks of power. It’s the raw energy of the lion in the wild roaring with Mars joining in a close conjunction. Uranus makes a square from the last degrees of Aries, making things shake, bringing in a cosmic dimension.

It asks us all, what do need to shake up? What’s in need of extra power to jolt you out of your way you assert yourself in those powerful positions? Leo is about regality and joy, of happiness and play, generosity at its best. My intention is to own my power now, believe in it, use it to awaken!

During this New Moon power period, we’re asked to shake up, power up, bring the joy, play and generosity to others.  Happy New Moon!

Photo powerpath.com – thanks!

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