Capricorn Full Moon David Cottrell The Moon changes and shifts constantly, just look up to the sky to see its shape on any clear night. This Full Moon shines so brightly you can see outside even at night. Symbolically this strong Full Moon is shining light to those dark places we’d rather not see. Things that have been hovering just at the edges of our day-time consciousness come to light during this Moon, made even stronger with Pluto and Mars joining in.

As during any Full Moon, both Sun and Moon are involved, astrologically in opposite aspect. This time, Pluto joins the Moon in Capricorn, and Mars joins the Sun in Cancer. This could mean violence or just simply lots of energy – luckily peaceful aspects soften this energy: Jupiter in peace-loving Libra makes a square, usually an aspect of friction, but it’s the Greater Benefic of the zodiac, meaning even the square doesn’t quite work as with the other planets. And there’s a sextile from Neptune in Pisces to Moon/Pluto, and trine to Sun/Mars, making understanding on a deep level a real possibility despite the tough energies released by this harsh Full Moon.

It’s harsh because Pluto and Mars both have a potential to erupt in aggression, even more so with the opposition aspect.

But another way to look at this is, what needs to be brought to light now? What aspect of your life needs to have an ending and a new beginning? Pluto usually brings with it some sort of irreversible turning point. With Mars and the Lights involved, as well as Jupiter and Neptune, strong spiritual energies are stirred up. Capricorn and Cancer are signs to do with tradition and home, authority and softness, often contrasting each other. But today, we have a promise of a way forward blending all these: end that which is no longer needed, and start to bring in more balanced, spiritual energies to those aspects of your life this Full Moon especially contacts, astrologically they are your planets and houses.

If the Full Moon falls in your 1st / 7th house axis (remember, the houses and so this Full Moon always work in what is called opposition aspect, like the two faces of a coin,) then your personal issues versus relationship issues come up. Is it time to for endings and new beginnings? Or just elevating your relationship to a new, higher level? Or maybe make it alone at least for a while?

The 2nd / 8th house brings up money and possessions. How you value yourself also is connected to this. It’s a question of ‘your money’ or ‘my money’, or who controls it. Ponder of the meaning of sharing, and is control really so important, or would you just rather be happy while not being right? Sharing has its own rewards.

With the Full Moon illuminating 3rd / 9th house axis, an urge to get away is very strong, but it can also mean and ending of those long journeys inside your mind regarding some issue or belief you’ve had for a long time. Simply let it go now; shower some light on it, look at it, decide what’s no longer necessary and start anew!

In the 4th / 10th house axis, try to stay cool at home no matter what. The same goes for your career. The issues here are about outside world versus the inner sanctuary of home – try to seek the balance offered by Jupiter and Neptune, rather than really abrupt endings that are a possibility here.

If the Full Moon falls on your 5th / 11th houses, self-centered interests may struggle with group and friend demands. It doesn’t have to be bad – you can bring your creativity and child-like enjoyment of play to the larger world: sing, dance, entertain, have fun. Things are very likely to come to a culmination regarding romance and/or children, your friendships may see a transformation.

The mystical 12th house /6th house axis is where most things are pushed to hide during normal daylight consciousness, especially the 12th house that denotes secrets and hidden things. It’s very likely that which you wished will remain secret will come to light with Pluto involved, but it’s only to bring up to the light and give you a chance to start anew. It’s time to let go. Shine the light on those imaginary ghouls and they’ll simply disappear with the coming dawn.


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