New Moon in Cancer musings

New Moon in Cancer

Today’s New Moon in the second degree of Cancer promises heightened emotions for all, but more so for the emotional water signs. Cancer especially will be affected – it’s an always emotional sign, ready to cry, compassionate beyond measure. The other water signs Pisces and Scorpio will feel the pitch in the energy, a heightening of emotions, sometimes needing to just cry. Water flows easily for these signs.

During any New Moon it’s good to cast your intentions about the coming month into the non-physical world, giving them time to manifest. Around the next Full Moon July 9, those energies will again magnify with a culmination of some kind, and then slowly subside until the next New Moon July 23. Mercury is conjunct this New Moon – thoughts and emotions can work well together for the coming month.

Emotions run high as above for the water signs during this time. It may mean reminiscing over past, things that have come and gone and maybe got lost. Cancer is a sign often looking into the past, sometimes trying to get back emotionally into the home they knew as a child – fix your emotions and hopes forward now! Pisces may dream more than usual, or create beautiful works of art during this New Moon, in fact this is advisable to deal with the powerful surge. Scorpios may feel a heightened awareness of their sometimes deeply buried emotions – they will surface now. Set your intention for the coming month with deep concentration, use your intensity to make them happen.

Practical and earth-oriented earth signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus may find their feathers ruffled too when the combined energies of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury together touches their usually steady emotions. There may be words spoken unexpectedly out of emotions they don’t usually feel keenly or let out at other times. Capricorns may find their loved ones are very emotional as well, there could be some arguments. Send out the intention for be at peace, at least at home. For Virgo, words are never far, and during the concentrated energy, you may just talk and analyze your surging emotions until you’re exhausted. Instead of figuring it out mentally, try letting your emotions and intuition guide you! And even Taurean placidity may be disrupted under the emotional surge the New Moon in Cancer can arouse. Instead of regarding it as nuisance, make your intentions solid by writing them down on a tangible piece of paper.

Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are always quick to react – when Sun, Moon and Mercury are together in Cancer, they may go overboard jumping the gun. Leos can easily channel the new energy flow to art or play – this can be your opening to that break-out novel or screenplay! Sagittarians, take a deep breath before charging off to new horizons after your emotions catch up with you. State clearly your intention, express it either in thoughts or words, then let it go from your everyday consciousness.  Aries can be very quick to react in an assertive or aggressive manner, try to hold your tongue, feel your feelings instead, they’re not bad! Initiate something new for the coming month, even if it’s just thoughts for now.

Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can rationalize their behavior until cows come home but when the powerful emotions of the water Cancer New Moon hit, they can be at a loss. But Mercury so close to the Lights can give energy to their agile minds – please take this time to really figure out on an emotional level your intentions for the coming month. Gemini – it’s a good time to get your latest story going or communicate about emotions. Libra whose thoughts usually are never far from love, infuse your emotions with softness, set out the intention of being in harmony during the coming month. Aquarius – it’s okay to be emotional once in a while with your circle of friend. It’s great time to plant the intention to be more emotionally present for them.

In fact, the same goes for every sign and element – today and during the next few days, plant the lunar and solar energy seeds into the cosmos with strong emotion. Then wait to see them blossom.


Photo credit Polina Outkina – thank you!





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