Sagittarius full Moon

SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON – what are your thoughts? Do you have ideals? Ideas? The two dual signs, Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini dance in opposition today. You could say this means a lot of chatter. Or rational mind versus idealistic mind. Because the Moon is so close to Saturn, the Lord of Karma and teacher of tough lessons, this could be the day to face reality. Letting go can play out as a major theme. Because the two signs, Sagittarius and Gemini are both to do with communication, be ready for conversations that could lead to clearing of decks or even something coming to an end if it no longer serves your highest good.

Sun and Moon together always bring relationships to mind – below are a few pointers how this full Moon can play out in your life according to your sign – Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo in the degrees 16 to 20 of the signs are most affected; the actual degree is 18 Sagittarius/Gemini.

ARIES –   Watch out for quickly firing out words you may live to regret. At the same time, it may be the time to let go of an emotional attachment that’s been dragging you down for some time. If possible, try getting away to clear your head, it doesn’t have to be somewhere far away if that’s all you can manage.

TAURUS – Letting go of security and money is always difficult, but may be just the ticket under this full Moon in your money sectors. Arguments over what’s yours and what’s your partners may erupt – keep your cool, it will pass.

GEMINI – This really looks like the crunch time in your close personal relationship. What’s been hidden may come to light, those brooding resentments that have been festering may prompt your relationship to come to a screeching halt. Choose your words carefully, though. No point in having to return to apologize later if you change your mind in the true Gemini/Sagittarius dual way!

CANCER – Pay close attention to how your really feel inside – it looks like you’ve been bottling up a lot of stuff about daily life where you’ve always been the one who’s giving in, without letting your partner know how you feel. This full Moon time can bring up thoughts, words, feelings, even actions you’ll be surprised to find inside you if you haven’t been paying close attention. Talk it out, though, see what your partner says, let your famed intuition guide you!

LEO – Your love of play and romance could see a cloud hanging over it, and you may decide to go play with your adoring friends for the time being, although that’s not your real choice. It could be your romantic partner is now either becoming over-communicative, telling their most secret gripes, or that they totally clam up. In either case, it may be best to just chill.

VIRGO – If you feel your home atmosphere is oppressive, just try getting out to walk around the neighborhood, if possible somewhere with trees, as they can soothe the always busy, now during this full Moon superbusy Virgo mind. Try not to analyze it too much – let nature take care of you for the time being.

LIBRA – Try going away somewhere far away if at all possible, because emotionally it doesn’t look so close and intimate with your partner during this full Moon. If they object and want to come along, you may have to face some tough decisions and endings once thrown together for any length. But remember, if it’s meant to be, it will get back on track once the Full moon calms down, in a couple of weeks.

SCORPIO – Your partner’s clamming up, you wish you share intimately – this looks like a stalemate. Go with it, let it roll out as intended by the universe. Sometimes, it’s impossible to fathom out what the best course of action is. In those times, sit back, don’t be forced into any decisions. The time for those is during the next new Moon June 23 at 2 degrees Cancer.

SAGITTARIUS – Your close intimate partner may accuse you of being heavy and closed, and they may have a point! It’s a time when you just don’t feel like talking, very inconvenient at this communication oriented full Moon. But your gut tells you you’re right – what may come out if you start to talk may ruin – everything. So just sit it out. There’s time to talk later.

CAPRICORN – If you just put your mind and energy into your everyday work, something you excel in, and don’t let your partner’s brooding, distancing emotions bother you, things will be okay. They may choose to be tight-lipped themselves, but their resentment now will penetrate even the practical Capricorn defenses. It will pass, take your time.

AQUARIUS – Your circle of friends seems distant, and you want to party, what gives? Aquarius is not a sign to go it alone, but during this tough full Moon it may be the best strategy. With the Sun in your romance sector, it is very possible you’ll find solace with a new romantic interest, but a word of caution: it may be just a passing fling.

PISCES – If your boss seems tougher than usual, there’s always home, sweet home. Try retreating to your loved one’s loving company for the time being, things will settle in a while. Pisces sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees, or what’s real and what’s inside their fantastic imagination. Chill. Relax. Go to the beach if possible, look at the ocean. Roll with the waves.


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