Gemini new moon – describe it in words!

gemini new moon

Gemini, the sign of twins invites us to look into the two – or more – sides of our personality during today’s new moon and for about two weeks to come. If you think you’re always the same, think again! We all act differently depending on who we’re with or in what situation, in the case of Gemini this tendency is much bigger. If you know sun, moon, or ascendant Geminis you’ll know what I’m talking about. They can change their minds and talk so fast sometimes the world thinks they’re not all there. Rest assured, they are! In fact their minds are moving at lightning speed with so many ideas coming in at once, it’s hard for them to keep up with themselves.


Of course this can lead to bad case of nerves, and Geminis, ruled Mercury the messenger of gods need to take a break every now and then from all their constant mental activity. As if the chatter inside their heads is easily stopped – it’s not but can be done. Gemini ascendant writing here! Taking breaks in simple activities like gardening or music or meditation can soothe and stop the Gemini mind that’s always on the go.


The restlessness also extends to movement, especially of hands. Some call it fidgeting, Geminis call it being curious. Anyway, new moons are always the time to sow new seeds in your mind – Gemini moon is especially versatile. It’s a great time to sit down and make your ideas more concrete by writing them down or on video if that suits. The point is to use the Gemini energy to describe in detail that which you want. Get out your computer, tablet, phone, pen and paper, and I imagine some still have a trusted rusty type writer – just go for it! It’s time to start anew, and it starts with describing your idea in detail.


If the new moon travels in your first house, it’s a great time to put in writing your plans about the bold new you – you know the one that’s hiding on the other side of your Gemini twin!


In second house – write down your money wishes, and hey, shoot for the moon! Who’s censoring your thoughts anyway?


Gemini new moon is quite at home in third house so describe your plans for the groundbreaking novel your twin side has been brewing for decades – or just settle for short stories that may be easier to manage. Just write it down!


In fourth house, describe what your heart yearns at home. If it’s a mobile home so you can easily get on the move, don’t let convention stop you, it’s your home and your idea. Not saying some Geminis don’t want the usual peaceful steady home fires…


Gemini in fifth house spells lots of fun and games, romance and dating, just hoping others don’t take Gemini glitter and allure too seriously during this new moon – they’re likely to change their minds. Try to describe in words what it is that your heart yearns by way of fun – it could be writing drama and poetry after all, not just playing


Sixth house Gemini new moon wants to start to organize anyway, and wishing you the best with that. Maybe for you, it might be best to keep the written list short and not be bogged down by the details – just jot down the bold outline and get to it!


Seventh house new moon is always pretty good for those close relationships – wish for marital bliss now, write it down in detail, describe what it means to you. If you want your partner to stop leaving a mess in the sitting room, or more romantic dates, just say so!


Gemini new moon in eight house will feel deeply even though its real nature is to float above too much psychological depth. But traveling through the area of nothing but depth, pause, take a breath, and allow what’s been brewing under your busy mind to emerge. Write it down, examine it after the moon has passed. You’ll learn something surprising.


Image courtesy raw goddess, inc. thank you


If you have Gemini in ninth house and this new moon throws light on it, then you’re well on your way to adventurous exploration. It’s a great time to describe your travel plans or how to expand your mind.


Tenth house Gemini new moon is set for career issues – you know what to do. It will be easier to approach your boss for promotion if you’ve written down your speech first!


In eleventh house, Gemini new moon likes to party with friends but try to sit down to describe your more lofty ideas about the world now. You know, how to end starvation and hunger, word peace… seriously though, it’s a good idea to plan for something that helps others. Write a plan!


If Gemini new moon illuminates your twelfth house of secrets and hidden enemies, it’s time to let your subconscious fears go! Simply write down on a piece of paper, light a fire (in the kitchen sink I’d needed) and burn them! Watching them drift away in puffs of smoke is fun and very healing!


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