How do you act  to woo you love according to your JUPITER sign?

loving coupleARIES – Let’s do it, and think later

TAURUS – I’ll woo you with expensive gifts, and then you’re mine only

GEMINI – Let’s talk this out

CANCER – I’ll smother you and comfort you with food and caring so you’ll never leave me

LEO – You will adore me or I’ll find someone who will

VIRGO – Can I improve to please you?

LIBRA – Love is all you need, we need, love, love, love

SCORPIO – I’ll show you fireworks and deep connection – just don’t betray me!

SAGITTARIUS – Look at the stars! One day we’ll go there!

CAPRICORN – If you choose me, I’ll take you to the very top!

AQUARIUS – This love thing, let’s be good friends for now

PISCES – Let’s have fun and party, and think again when our feet are back on the ground.

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