Scorpio – Taurus full moon – transformation

Scorpio full moon

SCORPIO – TAURUS full moon today asks us, how do you handle transformation? Moon in Scorpio is always intense – coupled with the stubborn streak of Taurus, things could get sticky. The energies of cosmos at this point are both immovable and intensely moving, symbolized by the polarity on this fixed sign axis.

As always during full moons, both sun and moon are involved, reminding us to blend the masculine/feminine or male/female in ways that don’t pull in opposite directions, but instead dance together, bound by mutual attraction. Opposites attract, but in many ways, Taurus and Scorpio are not so different in that it’s very very hard to change their minds once they’re set.

Scorpio seeks total transformation, even if it means tearing down everything they’ve been working toward forever, while Taurus wants to hang on for their dear life to everything they’ve built. During this full moon, which side wins? Or is there a consensus solution?

The moon is sextile Pluto in Capricorn and the sun is in a trine to it, giving power to the transmutation side in an easier way. But easy it never is, although astrologically these are helpful, easy aspects.

The sun’s ruler Venus is still all on its own in Aries, a sign it feels uncomfortable in, and Pluto that rules Scorpio is in power-hungry Capricorn, and they’re not in aspect, pulling into opposite directions. Aries Venus wants to love in a hurry, and Capricorn Pluto is so ready to wait it out. BUT Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars in Gemini is in a wide sextile with Venus, giving us hope all will be well, the masculine – feminine energies have a way to blend and ease tensions. Even in a sign Gemini where Mars directs energy a bit erratically, that movement as well as Aries Venus may help the immovable tension in the sun-moon fixity.

So what does this mean to you?

I’ll describe below very briefly how this could play out based on the houses the key players illuminate in a person’s individual chart, although a personal horoscope for the date, exact time, and place of birth is necessary for a full picture. Anything in fixed sign degrees from 18 to 22 is strongly affected for about two weeks until the next new moon, longer if any sensitive points are touched in your own chart.

First – seventh house axis – Moon in first house means you have Scorpio rising, and this intensifies anything brewing under the surface. Your partner is sultry and brooding too, but with Pluto in your 3rd, communicating on a deep level will solve problems. Mars in 8th promises heat in the physical department, and Venus in 6th – work may take on a prominent role.

If the moon is in 7th and sun in 1st house, you have Taurus rising. With sun on your ascendant, you’ll feel confident to the point of emotionally pushing away your partner. Pluto sits in your 9th, so seek advice from deep philosophy or meditation. With Venus in your 12th, it may be hard to come out with those love declarations, although Mars in 2nd may give you an opening to approach your loved one with gifts.

Second –eight house axis – With moon in Scorpio in 2nd, you would most likely be focused on how to transform your values and possessions, while Taurus sun in 8th will worry endlessly that their partner will do just that. Stop! Venus in your 7th house promises love, Pluto in 3rd allows for deep understanding even without talking, and Mars in 9th opens up new vistas.

If the lunation falls the opposite way, with sun in 2nd and moon in 8th, roles flip, and your partner is the one contemplating big changes in joint resources. Here, honest, direct communication helps with Mars in 3rd and Venus on the ascendant assures love flows. Pluto on the top of the chart makes sure issues raised during this lunation are addressed.

Third – ninth house axis – Scorpio moon in 3rd wants to communicate so badly, and while Taurus sun in 9th is open to it, too much fussing into details just doesn’t sit well. Let Venus in Aries in 8th take care of conflicts by merging and blending in the usual romantic way, with Pluto from 5th helping it. Mars in 10th – authority figures may somehow find their way into the equation.

If the moon is in 9th and sun in 3rd, it’s very similar to the above, but Venus in 2nd is more connected to earthy energies, seeking to express love with valuable gifts, probably with more home orientation with Mars in 4th. Pluto sits in 11th of friendships, and they will be helpful in any conflict now.

Fourth – tenth house axis – Spotlight is on your home and career – they seem to pull into different directions. The moon side wants to stay home, enjoy the home fires, connect deeply with tradition, while sun in 10th need attention from the outer world. Co-workers could prove helpful with Pluto in a good aspect from 6th, Venus in 9th lets you be philosophical, and Gemini Mars in 11th can prove an asset in the form of helpful friends.

With the sun in 4th and moon in 10th, it feels like a role reversal in some way. Emotions are more easily expressed at home, usually, but here, they’re more in the public sphere. Sun symbolizing identity in the meanwhile just wants to chill at home. Pluto is influential with unspoken power from the 12th, so watch out doing anything you want to keep secret. Mars in 5th wants to play, Venus in 3rd wants to communicate – a hotchpotch, but just keep you cool. It will be okay.

Sixth – twelfth house axis – If the moon is in 6th and sun in 12th, secrets may come to light during this power-oriented full moon. It invites you to look deep into your psyche, and assess what needs to go, where is honest communication needed. Mars on the ascendant ensures you have enough stamina to see you through even if something you’d rather not talk about comes to light, since Pluto is also in your 8th house. Venus in 11th – turn to friends for help.

Going the other way, with sun in 6th and moon in 12th, emotions can run amok during this full moon. It may be best to try to just chill, to keep out of the limelight, even when romance beckons with Venus in 5th and Mars in 7th houses. Pluto in 2nd brings money matters and values to the equation – all in all, please thread with caution during this heightened emotional few days. It will calm down within a few weeks.

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