new moonToday’s Taurus new moon is telling a story all of its own, because it’s got no main aspects, except for a wide conjunction with retrograde Mercury still in Aries. Of course, at new moon the moon is conjunct the sun, always, too.

Moon is in the best sign for it, it’s exalted. Moon symbolizes so many things in astrology, but some are moods, emotions, females in general, reflection and a kind of passivity as contrasted with the outgoing energy of the sun. In the sign Taurus, lunar reflective qualities find it easier to manifest: peace, domesticity, just relaxing, being still – qualities that today’s society perhaps doesn’t place a high value on. Taurus moon people like their creature comforts, are not afraid of their sensuality, love to dwell on their earthy side. Taurus is an earth sign, and befittingly, Earth Day happens during sun in Taurus month.

Taurus is also a fixed sign. Think of the bull or the placid noncommittal way cows move – or not. When Taureans dig their heels in, beware! They won’t change their minds, but on the other hand, if their ire is roused, run! Think of the bull in full charge – you get the meaning.

What does it mean to you? With retrograde Mercury in Aries, be careful with your words. Don’t rush into things, although that’s not the Taurus way anyway. So much depends where this hits on your personal horoscope – as always. Below is a sketch of how this may play out depending what house this new moon is in. For full real interpretation, you need to look at your personal chart. Anything in fixed signs between 4 and 8 degrees will be most affected. New moon’s effects last a few weeks up to the next new moon in May 25, with a peak of emotions and events in the middle at full moon, May 10.

If this placid new moon is in your first house, just carry on doing what you’re doing in a noncommittal way. There is time. No rush, but don’t budge either – as if you would.

2nd house – plant those money seeds, plan your finances. Or at least, plant some flowers.

3rd house is all about movement and communication, so please just stay quiet as retrograde Mercury could spoil whatever you say.

4th house – this promises to be a tranquil, domestic month. Enjoy your homelife!

5th house – enjoy what you have by the way of play time, whatever that means to you: creativity, playing with your kids, or your romantic partner, dancing but only slowly…

6th house – tranquil, easy everyday living is promised, unless you spoil it by blurting out something… just stay silent for the most part.

7th house – Remember the old lyrics, “When the moon is in the 7th house…”? Although Jupiter aligns only widely with Mars, it’s still a time for peace. “And love will steer the stars,” too.

8th house Taurus new moon if full of sensuality, sexuality, and all that good scropionic-deep connection stuff. Enjoy!

9th house – it’s best to take a rest and chill now. Taurus moon and sun won’t want to get too much into that head stuff right now.

10th house – Sit it out, coast, enjoy what you have in your career. If your status depends on someone else, like by marriage, stay close.

11th house Taurus new moon is a time to enjoy outings and parties with easy-going friends, maybe long hikes outside?

12th house quietness and need to withdraw will feel right for you during this Taurean new moon of tranquility. “Doing the garden, digging the weeds” might be in the cards.


Image by Hippie Peace Freaks – thank you!

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