Libra full moon musings

libra full moonListen to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Full Moon Musings – During tonight’s full moon in Libra, emotions run high, as during any full moon.

Libra is about love and relationships, and because the moon is joined by Jupiter, those emotions are magnified. This combo promises expansion through love, optimism and luck.

But here’s the thing: moon and Jupiter are opposed by sun in Aries. By itself not so difficult – except the sun is also conjunct Uranus, adding an element of the irrational to tonight’s skies and happenings on earth. This is like saying, “expect the unexpected,” but with Jupiter in the picture, I’m very optimistic it’s a pleasant, uplifting surprise. Even with all those planets square to Pluto in Capricorn, it merely spells added intensity at this time. However, it IS prudent to exercise caution and not be caught in anything underhand, especially in your primary relationship. Tensions run high, yes, but with the Libra/moon/Jupiter emphasis, love is the answer. If someone tries to get under your skin under this full moon, remember, it’s also time to let go of something that was not good for you, something maybe you started only a couple weeks ago during the last new moon, or something more long term since we have the slow moving planets in this configuration.

And the moon/Jupiter has a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius, a promise it will be okay. Things will turn out okay, just you wait and see. And give peace a chance.

Libra sometimes gives in too much, seeking harmony at all cost, but with this a little excitable energy Librans could act with unpredictability. Venus, Libra’s ruler is still retrograde, giving pause to charging ahead but it could also mean you’re able to keep a cool head under torrential emotions.

The moon will be in 21 degrees Libra, sun in 21 degrees Aries of course, and Jupiter is in almost 18 Libra. Pluto is currently at 19 Capricorn. Anyone whose planets or points are in or near these degrees will see the culmination on the relationship front mostly, but much depends on what houses are involved and your personal chart’s aspects.

It could spell the end of something that needed a completion or closure – Aries persons may feel a need to detach, depending on their personal chart connections.

During new and full moons of heightened emotions and awareness, it’s also good to remember what it’s all about: Cycles, the world turning, our own small part in bringing the spirit of harmony to this blue planet.


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