Aries New Moon Musings

Aries new moonARIES New Moon is always significant because it’s the first after Spring Equinox giving strength to the growing energy of this season. Today’s Moon has a triple conjunction of Sun, Moon, AND Venus, the planet of love, so it seems love and harmonious relating are growing.

But look a little closer: Venus is retrograde in a sign that’s doesn’t suit it (detriment), and in a square to Saturn, although out of sign, also retrograde. Technically, Sun and Moon are a little far to be pulled into this square, but it kind of feels like they are pulled in.

Traditionally, Aries is the season to start whatever the first New Moon promises, and this seems to promise love. At first look, it seems like this Venus/Moon enhances that, but then – the love energy is not free flowing and harmonious.

Venus doesn’t know how to let love just flow right now because it’s in a sign that wants to fight or at least lead, not merge and blend; on top it’s retrograde making it more difficult to express love. And the forbidding Saturn says, not so fast Venus. Love can wait.

To all the love-sick persons that this touches in their personal charts meaning who have anything from about 3 to 7 degrees Aries, (and a degree or so at both ends for orbs) I wish you perseverance and faith in the future. It will be just temporary setbacks, which all life is. Love may not flow as wished right now, but it doesn’t have to mean it won’t in future! Actually, all cardinal signs which are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel this strongly if their planets are in those degrees, more so if exactly in the New Moon degree, 7 Aries.

But remember, time turns, the Moon rises and sets, and by the time of next New Moon April 26 in Taurus, many things including your love fortunes will have shifted with a peak in the middle during April 11 Full Moon, and Venus turning direct April 15.

Depending what planet or point or house this falls in your personal horoscope, this New Moon’s effects are different, but mostly involve love and relating in some way.

Say it’s in your 1st house, and you so want to get ahead using your charm, now’s not the time…

In your 2nd, be careful with your finances.

In 3rd, don’t be too quick to send out those love notes because they could be misplaced or misread.

4th, no matter how much you try it seems those who are most important to you at home are at odds with you. Take a deep breath and count to 1000.

In 5th, maybe dating right now isn’t the best idea. But then again, maybe you can beat the odds, and depending on the rest of your horoscope, everything could be just fine!

If this falls in your 6th house, trying to please the boss by flattery won’t work, so just try to hold on a little longer with plain hard work. Take care of you health, too.

7th house, if your partner seems to cooperate and then suddenly pulls away, you know why. They are harangued by these contradictory impulses. Persevere. Give your loved one a hug.

8th house Sun/Moon/Venus in Aries, even retrograde, will show some bedroom magic, but be aware it may not be lasting bliss…

In 9th house, it may be best to put off any long term travel plans. Travel in your mind instead – get busy studying something grand, or enroll in a meditation program.

If your 10th house is activated, the promising promotion may hit the brakes just when you thought you were taking off. Don’t fret, instead wait for this to pass. April 15 is when Venus goes direct, just a hint!

This combination in your 11th house could cause friction or some kind of upset within your circle of friends, whom you thought were behind you one hundred and fifty percent. Don’t worry unduly, it is most likely temporary just for a month or so.

And if your 12th house gets a hit from this strong if erratic feminine energy, try to be careful with any females in your life. They may not be who they seem, there might be some backstabbing… it does not have to be serious, and be ready to forgive and forget as soon as the Moon passes.

To find out where your personal planets and houses are, got to this free calculator at

The site has many free informative and fun things to do to explore your horoscope, and it will tell you what your house cusps are, and from there you can figure out what house or possibly planet this New Moon activates. If you need help, send me a message!

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