Mercury conjunct Uranus, both opposite Jupiter -What are your ideals?

Douglas Cottrell

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it matters where you right now and where you’re going. It’s important to have ideals in mind – they are like guiding compasses when you lose direction. Ideas – and ideals – are symbolized by Mercury, the rational mind, Uranus the ‘genius’ mind, Jupiter, the ‘higher’ mind, and Neptune representing the gift of being able to dream them alive.

When they seem to oppose each other as in Mercury/Uranus conjunction and both opposite Jupiter, it’s good to remember there’s always the possibility of fusion.

Neptune is not part of the ‘mind’ aspects, but it is strong in its own sign Pisces and now sextile Mars, giving ‘peace a chance’.

Astrologically, it’s a good time to think and then write down what your ideal is, what you strive to be? Not your possessions or position, but what you want to be in your deepest heart, what do you want to be remembered for.

Maybe that you were kind or honest? Or patient or courageous? Or fair or loving? Make sure to choose the one or many that are right for you. Remember, it’s IDEALS, high spiritual concepts.

Then keep your ideals in focus, and measure your daily life by how it fits in that as suggested by Neptune and Jupiter..
The great American psychic Edgar Cayce often said, “Mind is the builder.” Keeping your ideals in mind will make them reality.
photo David Cottrell – thank you!

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