The two major players of astrology in signs of service and sacrifice dance in opposition during this winter full moon.

What gives? The small but powerful comet/planet Chiron in close conjunction with the Pisces Sun and opposite the Virgo Moon suggests the need to heal the deepest of wounds will now come to surface.

Never is this an easy task. Chiron himself, the mythological creature for which the planet/comet is named, never could heal himself, although he was a master of healing others.

If the realization of what to heal doesn’t hit you with universe sending thunderbolts in your life, symbolized by the houses where the Sun conjunct Chiron opposite Moon happen, most are aware or hidden rumblings just under the surface.

Where is your deepest wound? What have you come with into this world with to drag around like the wounded thigh the mythological Chiron did? Now’s the time to bring it up to heal.

With Chiron joining forces with this Full Moon of leaving winter behind, its message is multiplied. It says, healer, heal thyself, or at least keep trying.

Many with strong Virgo and Pisces placements give and keep giving to others, helping them selflessly. Sacrificing is often a second nature to them, and many are left with an empty shell when the healing they willingly give to others leaves them depleted and wounded.

Chiron is a teacher to others, and there’s a suggestion the person teaching may not be able to heal him or herself, but never believe that!

Even if it takes a lifetime or lifetimes, the promise of all your sacrifices bearing fruit in healing can come to fruition during the compelling energies of Virgo, Pisces and Chiron.

The Moon is also trine Pluto, adding to the power of this Moon to transform and transmute.

Moon’s opposition to Mercury shows much confusion but don’t give in.

And with Saturn sending a stifling square to Sun/Moon/Chiron, this won’t be so easy. But who ever said things would be easy on this earth plane? If the lunation touches any of your personal points at 22 degrees of Virgo or Pisces, transformation beckons, now.

Here are a few notes of what kinds of thing come up according to what house this Full Moon falls in your personal horoscope.

1st – 7th Partnership versus individual. Do you give too much, or don’t you give at all?

2nd – 8th Money matters, yes. But is the money shared or do you keep it all to yourself?

3rd – 9th Do you always check the facts or do you just wing it? Big picture versus myopic view, try blending them!

4th – 10th Your career may flourish but does your homelife? Or vice versa?

5th – 11th Friends are important, but are you forgetting play and romance? Or is your love life consuming you at the expense of the others?

6th – 12th You have the right to become tired and want some help and care yourself after all the caring for others. Try saying no to overwhelming demands, and look after yourself, or even better, let someone look after you.

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