Uranus square Pluto: When sudden setbacks appear


Try to smile. Seeing humor in situations is hard but also helpful.

Learning to appreciate that roadblocks are there for us to understand and to overcome is the first step to building strength and to keep going. My dad used to say, “Difficulties are there so we can overcome them.” I never understood what he meant when I was little, but now I hope I understand the deeper meaning:

We all need to overcome something inside, to build something new to grow. Sometimes, it takes the not-so-subtle signs from the universe for us to start doing what we’re supposed to be doing. And that often means leaving behind behaviors, places and people we may be attached to, if they’re not for our highest good.

In astrological terms, Uranus sidelining Pluto can symbolize just that.


photo ontheland.wordpress.com – Thank you!

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