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Today’s Pisces New Moon that’s also a Solar Eclipse brings in a heightened sense of awareness. Depending on which side of Pisces you choose to tune to, you can see the bigger picture of all-inclusiveness of all life, or the devil-may-care attitude of the other side of Pisces, illusion trying to escape reality.

Because Pisces’ ruler Neptune is closely together with the Lights as well, even more sensitivity comes into play.

Depending where this triple conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Neptune, all in Pisces falls in your personal horoscope, you can find you look for a deeper meaning, a connection in all life described by the house it happens astrologically. If it’s close to, or in a hard aspect of square or opposition to one of the other planets or angles, things are sure to take an almost otherworldly hue. Use this online free calculator to find out in which house this Solar Eclipse happens.

During this time, lasting about six month until the next set of eclipses in August, pay attention to your dreams. See the usually unseen meaning, make sure you take note of the sudden ‘coincidences’ that probably always were there. It’s just now, during the heightened awareness of other dimensions of Neptune/Pisces, you can really start to see.

If in your first house or Ascendant, it is likely the ‘me’ perspective gives way to a more balanced view of life. Even if you didn’t think much of what happens to your partner or others in general, this is a big, and often gentle nudge for you to take note of how your actions can impact others. The gentle nudges toward a more inclusive, spiritual viewpoint may come in the form of things simply falling apart if you try to advance only your interests. Take this time to consciously tune into others’ needs.

If the Pisces lunation enters your second house, make sure you’re dreaming a good dream about your finances and prosperity to come. New Moons are a great time to send you intentions out to the world always. During this dreamy, otherworldly Pisces/Neptune energy, shift your focus on what you’d like to see grow and multiply. Universe has a way of making you listen by giving you challenges if you don’t heed to its prodding to ‘sow on solid ground’. In some cases if this hits second house planets it may encourage being taken in by deceit and illusion, so be aware you also need to be grounded.

A third house Pisces eclipse can give creativity a great boost in the form of communication: writing, blogging, journaling, Youtubing, even poetry. Neptune is loosening your inner poetry – blend in imagery and metaphor in even ‘regular’ text, although most likely you won’t need any encouragement now. The words flow, other realities open up to fill the empty pages, let the description of what could be in the best possible sense take form in your words.

If the combined Sun, Moon, and Neptune in Pisces soften your home atmosphere in fourth house, go with it! Let those loving feelings you’ve maybe buried so long, blaming work and tiredness flood not only your inner heart, but also express them, to bring in an appreciative, spiritual love to your loved ones. Eclipses can bring with them endings of cycles and people in your life – it’s good to be aware and appreciate those who are with us and on whom we can lean on in the storms of life, right now.

It will be a great several months if you’re in a creative field of any kind if the eclipse makes your fifth house shine, because the combined Pisces planets will allow you to experience a strong, sometimes unprecedented flow of creativity. You may be inspired to make magnificent pieces of art, helping to uplift millions. Also be aware that the Neptune illusion can sometimes beckon anyone to reach out to the unseen realms to create art that doesn’t uplift, but pulls you to the other direction. Follow your heart, your intuition, not that strange whispering from some dark place asking you to also portray a harsh side of spirituality. Now’s not the time for that, as your energy will magnify. This can also create deception in your romantic life – or bring in a real soul-mate type encounter. As always, it’s up to you which side of Neptune you tune into.

Sixth house lunation in Pisces will increase you already great compassion especially if you have planets that are activated by this eclipse. Anyone in any of the service, healing occupations will most likely be flooded with an increased flow of love in their heart for those in their care. It’s a very good time period to also bring the complimentary forms of healing and helping in any healing profession of any kind. Gentle smiles, soft words, even meditation or uplifting music can soothe someone in your care and who’s suffering. Let this time be a consolidation of what you know will ease the way of those for whom sometimes that’s the only thing left.

If the Sun/Moon/Neptune in Pisces triple conjunction, solar eclipse and New Moon illuminate your 7th house of partnerships, and especially of marriage, it can herald in a either a brand new start in what may have been a difficult period in your relationship, or it can also mean the opposite. Illusions fall away under this star combination. What you didn’t see before now becomes crystal clear as otherworldly realizations flood your consciousness. On the other hand, if there was nothing you had refused to see before, now’s the time to dream the ultimate love dream! You can see your loved one in a new, holistic, spiritual light, entering a whole new dimension of love in your marriage or partnership.

If the powerful solar eclipse lunation lights up places in your eighth house of deep, mysterious and sometimes dark places, you may refuse to see them for what they are even if they hit you in the face under the Neptunian illusion that lets you believe what you want to believe. Any eighth house energy is strong and deep: find the courage to dive deep, examine your hidden motivations in the area of what you share jointly in intimate partnerships or with the collective consciousness of the world. If what you find is not so pretty, it’s an excellent time to dream in a good dream of what the world could be if we all share resources without thinking of personal gain.

Neptune and Pisces in your ninth house is an excellent symbol to start studying something spiritual, or at the very least something that lets you experience the connectedness of the whole world. Exploring broader vistas both inside your mind or literally climbing a high mountain or going away to faraway places can help if things are getting oppressive in what you can see is happening philosophically and spiritually around you. You can be part of the solution: dream the good dream for many.

Neptune, Sun, and Moon in your tenth house of recognition and worldly success can indeed bring in those, but beware! Reaching a dream that’s not good for you in the long run or doesn’t benefit your overall direction in life or those around you can backfire. A good way to use this time of the solar eclipse New Moon in Pisces is to contemplate on what you really want in terms of the whole circle of your life. What do you want to be remembered for? Who does your reaching your goals benefit? Going within for answers even if in the midst of accolades can clarify the next steps for you.

Neptune and magnified Pisces energy in your eleventh house can bring in a new, idealized dimension to anything benefitting the world-at-large. Even if you’re involved in activities designed to bring in much needed changes for many, you’ll find a new, all-inclusive perspective on what needs to be done. Instead of fighting and painting the others as the enemy, it may start to look possible to see how everyone fits together in the grand scheme of things that sometimes has to go through hard times for things to get better. Think ‘upsetting the apple cart’ as in shake it before it settles – for the betterment of all. Then dream the good dream for everyone, bringing it one step closer to reality.

Neptune, Sun and Moon in Pisces feel totally at home in twelfth house. It’s as if now you feel free to dream away, create away, even party away without a troublesome voice inside whispering you should do something concrete instead. A new, heightened sense of awareness will most likely flood you. A new sense of everyone belonging together is very possible now, and you may create wonderful pieces of art, often withdrawing to seclusion to dream your creative, spiritual dreams. Try to be aware that you can be drawn too far into the also possible Neptunian illusion that you can do anything you choose. None of us can do anything just by wishing it. But we can all dream and meditate, so making it more real. It’s a great time to do just this during this spiritual Moon.

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