Lunar eclipse musings


A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon Moon magnified – February 10/11 (depending where you live on the globe) lunar eclipse is a fiery Full Moon in the sign Leo. You can expect to shed something from your life now, more so if this eclipse illuminates a sensitive point in your personal chart, like the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or any other planet.

Letting go of something also means letting in something else.

One door closes, the other one opens.

The order of the day is ‘expect the unexpected’. Eclipses always have an element of the irrational, you simply don’t know what to expect.

The effects of what’s below will change according to what planet and house the eclipse hits – this is a very short outline of possibilities.

Let’s say this shines on your Sun – something to do with your ego, the way you see yourself will have a dramatic ending and beginning – depending where or in which house or area of life, shows what kinds of events, and the Sun’s aspects show if the tendencies are good or not so good. This is similar to if the eclipse falls in your 5th house, since the Sun rules that house in the natural zodiac. It’s complicated – to find out where this happens in an individual’s horoscope, a complete reading that blends in the signs, houses, aspects, and planets needs to be done.

Eclipse effects don’t last just for the day – in fact they’ve been building up for some weeks now, and will affect you a long time if they hit a personal spot.

If the Moon lights up during this eclipse, major emotional drama is in the works. Letting go of attachments to glory and adulation may be one of its effects in the sign Leo. And the effects are similar if this happens in your 4th house since Moon rules it.

On your Ascendant – something very personal will now change forever. It could be a new road ahead in life – and take care of your health routine.

Now if this happens to fall on Pluto, you’re really in for major life-altering changes. One chapter in your life’s book will close, and another one open – and not without drama. Similar to eclipse in 8th house.

With Neptune, expect your dreams to change, sometimes with heart ache, having to face reality. 12th house lunation has similar effects.

On Uranus – wow, this really is the most unexpected of the unexpected, and I’m not even going to guess what it could be. This is similar to the eclipse in your 11th house, since Uranus rules it.

With Saturn being illuminated, seriousness set in. This can be major karma time – have you or have you not done what you’re supposed to? Have you faced your responsibilities, earned your crust? If the eclipse hits your 10th house, its effects are similar.

If the Moon shines on your Venus, you could leave one love behind and find a new one – or your love life with your partner moves to another totally new level. Or you could simply be done with the complications of love and dating for the time being. This is similar to eclipse in 7th house, or in 2nd house since Venus rules both. If in 2nd, money matter come up for review.

And with Mars – the warrior comes out. Approach with caution. Similar to eclipse in 1st house.

Moon on your Mercury will bring enhanced words and ability to communicate – in a new way, and providing Mercury has good aspects, this will help you. 3rd house lunation is similar, or 6th house since Mercury rules both houses. With 6th house, expect work and daily routine changes.

And finally the lunar eclipse on your Jupiter can bring unexpected luck and rewards – but remember, you have to give up something first! If the eclipse hits your 9th house, the effects are similar.


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