Eight house strong: resilience


When things keep going wrong, the ability to bounce back no matter what comes to play.

Astrologically, a strong 8th house, Scorpio, Pluto, or even Mars, and sometimes Saturn shows you can do this easier than most. A strong 8th house has many planets, some good aspects although not all of them need to be easy. In the end, Scorpio/8th house/Pluto/Mars finds its way back renewed, even if they have to claw their way up or metaphorically burn themselves to be born again like one of their symbols, Phoenix.

It helps to read about the struggles of the people that really struggled in this world, yet left their mark on millions. Think Gandhi or Mandela. It wasn’t easy for them but they always bounced back, stronger than ever, in the end reaching their huge goals that transformed the lives of millions.

We can all do this in our small way.

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