Unaspected Neptune: Retreat


Neptune is associated with the 12th house of retreat. In times of trouble, sometimes seeking sanctuary whether in you inner realms, or actually going away is a good strategy.

The 12th house symbolizes institutions. It speaks of solitude, withdrawal. The invitation of sanctuary promises peace, getting away from it all.

Neptune alone in its transit in the skies in its own sign Pisces can show both a hopelessly lost person, or a dreamer of visions that can become reality. Right not, it’s not connected to anything else, so anyone with a strong Neptune or 12th house, be aware. The urge to simply get away from it all – pulling the blankets up higher around your head while remaining in your bed, or jumping on an airplane to go to faraway places, or literally going on a retreat is very strong right now. The trick is to do it without getting lost in it.

Sometimes, retreating is the right thing to do. The time will come again when the creative dreams in your own secret sanctuary can become reality, at the time when Neptune again connects with the rest of the world, by making aspects in the skies.

photo credit black-dicefish – thank you!

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