Mercury conjunct Pluto: clarity or obsession?


Your thoughts are magnified and intensified when Mercury, symbolizing mental faculties and rational thought is close to Pluto. This can give you brilliant, precise insights. It can give you the ability to cut through the unnecessary clutter,. and be focused.

The flipside of this is, Pluto can also give you obsessive thoughts. You can get stuck by focusing on the wrong track, and then those thoughts just won’t leave.

With this, it’s important to always clear your mind, to constantly check your thoughts aren’t building up to a crescendo, sometimes resulting in the belief that everything is just SO bad and you might just as well give up.

Look at this way: you can also get stuck in the positive thoughts – but it requires constantly checking where your thoughts are going. It does build up, though.Yesterday’s positive thoughts make it so much easier to build on today.

Subliminal videos or recordings or affirmations can help to get your mind on track. That brilliancy Mercury-Pluto promises is waiting.


photo credit – thanks!

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