AQUARIUS NEW MOON sees a lonely configuration in the sign symbolizing many. Today, January 27th,  the Sun and Moon dance together in the skies, like during every New Moon, but because their conjoined lights don’t have any major aspects to other points or planets, it’s hard for that light to shine, at least in groups and matters affecting the world-at-large.

Aquarians are social, interested in group activities and out-there new frontiers of knowledge. A little less talked about fact about this sign is it also often wants to be the leader of such movements, or at least of its personal group of friends. Please observe your Aquarian friends. It may be a kind of throwback to its opposite, regal sign, Leo. It seems this egalitarian sign still possesses traces of it.

This New Moon has the opportunity to lift us above the petty individual concerns, even without the usually necessary connections (aspects) to the other factors in a horoscope. But it IS in the sign of the Waterbearer that paradoxically is an air sign, and even more paradoxically, a fixed sign. Have you ever seen air that doesn’t move? These paradoxes give us a clue to the Aquarian principles of freedom, fraternity, equality – it accepts the many facets of our human experience, and somehow manages to gel them together.

Here’s a short forecast what this New Moon means for each sign, for the next month to come, until the next New Moon in Pisces, and with a peak in the middle during the Full Moon.

ARIES – In your 11th house, the brotherhood Aquarian theme is magnified, and while the Sun and Moon together always indicates the male/female relationship, this month, your attention is more on group activities that aim to benefit many, maybe with your close personal partner.

TAURUS – The combined lights of the Sun and Moon dance across your career and public standing sector, offering a chance to advance. It could also be a time to do something very much in the public eye with your spouse, showing your humanitarian side – maybe joining a fundraiser?

GEMINI – Thinking of going away? This may be the opportunity to steal away to faraway places with your spouse, don’t go alone during this Aquarian lunation in your 9th house. Contrary to your usual flightiness, this calls for time alone with your partner, but maybe planning to help many others together, in the process? Maybe a humanitarian trip/vacation rolled into one?

CANCER – Concerns over finances with your spouse may dominate during this month, culminating in some kind of agreement during the Full Moon in the middle. This could concern inheritance or taxes, and dealing with matters to do with your family members. Although you may feel all alone, remember, it seems your spouse or another loved one is always with you, even if in spirit.

LEO – A new beginning in your spousal or other long term relationship or partnership is in the cards now. Concentrate on your one-on-one relationship now, and try to forget the loyal following that you seem to gather around you wherever you go! Now, it’s the times to solidify your marriage!

VIRGO – It looks like work and more work for you, but that’s really no news to the always busy Virgo. Your inner energies work well now, concentrate on getting the job well done no matter what, although again, Virgoans don’t really need this advice. On the lighter side, try planning a new exercise and diet routine, but bringing in your spouse or other close partner.

LIBRA – With Aquarian lightness illuminating your play sector, for you, Libra, it looks like it’s more a time to relax and enjoy yourself, with your partner, of course, but this is not something Libra needs to be told. A new beginning with your partner is promised for the month to come, with parties and outings, and although the theme seems with your partner only, with Aquarius in 5th, many others could join in the fun.

SCORPIO – Anything to do with your home and extended lineage is now highlighted. The combined lights illuminate your roots and heritage, putting energy to what matters in home front becomes very important during the coming month – but with your partner closely joining in.

SAGITTARIUS – It’s a good time for you and your close partner to take neighborhood strolls, visit community-at-large, or enroll in a new course in a nearby institution. You can also really go to town with your blogging and tweeting, ideas flow and your fingers dance on those buttons on your device! Don’t forget your loved one, though!

CAPRICORN – As if it wasn’t always in mind for the security conscious Capricorn, this New Moon brings the Lights to money affairs. Plan carefully and closely with your spouse or other close partner, make sure it’s just the two of you making the decisions.

AQUARIUS – You’re going to shine this coming month, with your partner, or partners as the case may be! With the open-minded Aquarius, you never know where the exploration may lead, you see so many possibilities and accept so many views and realities. Try to remember the world-at-large out there, though, since this paradoxical Aquarian theme is putting ‘me alone into focus this month.

PISCES – The dreamy, poetic Pisces may see the need to withdraw during the Aquarius New Moon in their 12th house – where Pisces feels right at home anyway! If you have a close partner, you may allow them to come with you to your voluntary retreat, whether going away physically or inside your mind, or if you’re single, your integrated spirit and emotions work well together now.


Photo credit with thanks: Soren Dreier

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