Moon conjunct Pluto: Intimidation or transformation?

moon-conjunct-pluto-and-onMoon so close to Pluto can be tough for anyone, even more so with the squares to Jupiter and Uranus, and the two opposite each other in Cardinal signs.

Although Moon moves so quickly, its effects are only fleeting – the other planets in this stay in orbit much longer, making this a long lasting thing. Because the Moon and Mercury energize it now, it comes up with force.

For most, these are not easy aspects, showing there’s emotional friction and even coercion with pull from many directions to make the tensions even stronger. If you have planets near the degrees 17 to 22 Cardinal, which to remind you are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, you’ll feel this. The mental pressure since Mercury is also in the picture by wide conjunction doesn’t help. In what area of life is shown by the houses in your personal chart – if you don’t know where, try this free online calculator: – or you can always ask me!

So what to do? Every planet, or what it symbolizes has an upside and a downside. It’s up to us what we tune into, although I’m not saying this is easy.

With Pluto prominent, instead of manipulation, deep understanding and even total transformation are always possible, although very unlikely to come without struggles and painful experiences. But we can think of it this way: do you want to to through the desert to get to the oasis or do you want to stay in the desert forever? Rather than just grabbing what you can now, think of the long term.

One helpful aspect, Moon and Pluto’s sextile to Venus the balancer in the compassionate Pisces, gives us the opportunity to lift ourselves and others – with love.




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