who-am-iOn the day when the Sun, or your deepest inner you, and what can be said is one of the indicators of purpose in a horoscope, has no real, tight aspects, it’s easy to become tired and confused.

If you’re feeling lost, not quite knowing what to do, it’s good to remember the saying, “This too shall pass.”

Astrology can point the way toward where to find meaning and purpose, based on the Moon’s nodes, and what you bring with you as baggage shown by Saturn, and the Moon itself, as well as 12th and 6th houses – and other things.

The message of the skies is always, remember, it’s always changing and moving. Changing and moving. What is good today, will not be so tomorrow, and what exists, will not last. Those who are beaten today, will be the winners of tomorrow. So  never say never!


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