This year’s first Full Moon in the signs that symbolize mother and father as well as many other things can indicate letting go, leaving, and the final curtain. This is symbolized in many other ways in the chart of the moment for US Eastern Time: Moon is opposite Sun like during every Full Moon, but this time, Moon is also opposite Pluto, and Sun is conjunct Pluto.

This doesn’t have to mean endings in a grand way for everyone, but if you have planets or points, like Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Ascendant ruler, or MC anywhere near 22 degrees of cardinal signs, you’ll feel this: something will come to an ending, although it doesn’t have to be anything big and upsetting too much. It can be simply giving up on some old habit that was due to go, or depending on what planets, signs, and houses are involved for you personally, other things.

Giving us hope for something good to come is a trine from Mars in Pisces, moving us toward the compassionate way of seeing the world no matter what – and even the Grand Cross also involved in the Full Moon is with two planets, Jupiter and Uranus known to bring unexpected twists and turns, and many times, unexpected luck, even in a hard aspect.

Sun together with Moon, Jupiter together with Uranus in opposite aspect – this is a pattern of being torn away at the roots of our being – Sun symbolizes your rational mind, and your deepest inner self, and Moon your emotions, instincts, and intuition. Jupiter is your urge to expand and grow, being challenged by the rebellious, sometimes irrational Uranus. In a sense, your whole being is touched if your horoscope involves the 22 degrees Cardinal signs, which to remind you are: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

It is well to remember one door closing symbolized by Pluto so close to both Sun and Moon means another one is opening.

Where Mars falls in your chart can show what way and in what field is the best way for you to deal with this intense energy stirred up now, since it trines Moon and sextiles Sun.

Mars in 1st house – start something that is very personal

Mars in 2nd – make financial plans

In 3rd – mental pursuits, movement will help

4th – focus on home and family

5 – try playing as in shows and dancing, or create something

6 – focus on service and helping

7 – this is asking for you to energize your marriage or other close relationship

8 – anything with your close intimate partner will serve to move the energies: joint finances, intense connecting in meditation, making love

9 – spiritual and metaphysical activities, long distance travel will be helpful

10 – big career focus is called for

11 – friends and associations will be very helpful

12 – dive deep into your unconsciousness – it may be time for solitude.

If you don’t know your horoscope, you can find out free here: Astrotheme free horoscope calculatoror send me a message.





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