CAPRICORN New Moon takes place January 29, 2016 at 7 degrees of the sign at 1:53 am US Eastern time (the exact time changes according to where you are on the globe), giving everyone a hope for a new start for the coming year. Every New Moon is a new beginning, but this one, symbolically ending the year many regard chaotic especially in government affairs, and starting the new year seems especially potent regarding the US as a whole, as I’m writing in USA. Capricorn is the sign connected with governing and administration, rules and regulations, red tape. Pluto’s been transiting the sign for last several years – we’ve certainly seen a radical transformation in government affairs.

Capricorn is an earth and cardinal sign, concerned with here and now, and tangible results. Usually what matters is the bottom line, although Capricorns can wait a long time for their plans to come true. It is the also of patience, dependability and sticking to rules, sometimes too much to the liking of the more free spirited signs. But always remember, Capricorns make it happen, and you can depend on them to stick up for family and tradition.

Capricorns also have another, esoteric and spiritual side. Ruling the time of darkest nights in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun entering Capricorn is also a promise of renewal after the Winter Solstice. From then on, light starts to gradually gain ground, inch by inch, second by second, the Capricorn way, until the Summer Solstice in June.

Symbolically, Capricorn understands deep down there will be light after darkness, things will brighten up, there’s order in the universe. Ruled by the tough task master Saturn, they also know instinctively the path won’t be easy, but they are capable of meeting the challenges, and gain mastery at the end of Saturn’s hard lessons.

This New Moon is conjunct Mercury, and makes sextiles to Mars and Neptune in an uneasy conjunction in Pisces, as well as a wide conjunction to Pluto. Mars and Neptune are uneasy with each other, one is action and assertion, the other dreams and spirit, in Neptune’s own sign making Mars even more uneasy. The sextile to Sun/Moon/Mercury and Pluto signals an opportunity for spirit and action to blend well with the urge to transform your whole inner world starting with your thinking, helping this process not to become too dramatic, a danger always with Pluto involved.

If this conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, the primary symbols of masculine/feminine, or rational and instinctual sides of a person happens anywhere near your Sun (if your birthday is within 2 days of this), or you have other planets or points within from 5 to 9 degrees of Capricorn, a new beginning is symbolically promised for the coming New Year and most strongly for the coming month for you personally. Much depends on what house and aspects the New Moon touches – what follows are few pointers of what to expect according to what planet or point it touches.  To find out your personal chart positions, use this free calculator at or message me!

If the New Moon touches your Sun, be ready to send your intentions to the universe for the coming year about who you really are or want to be deep down.

Emotions and home life are more affected if this touches your Moon. This could be a new beginning for your whole family scene, maybe settling down.

With Mercury, make your plans more concrete with detailed planning, the Capricorn way, write them down!

If the New Moon falls on your Venus, relationships and beauty will be the main focus for the coming month, and the coming year. Set out a regular beauty routine, and review your relationships with the cool Capricorn lens. Venus also rules money, so make solid  financial plans too.

If Mars has a direct hit of the powerful energies, you’ll be sure to be energized! With Capricorn, it’s unlikely you’ll rush off in the usual Mars manner, but in any case, think before you act, plan, plan plan!

New Moon on your Jupiter is a fortuitous sign indeed for the month and coming year. This can bring you both spiritual and material blessings, be sure to listen to the signs the benevolent universe sends your way.

With Saturn touched by the energy, although it’s time to reassess your goals, discipline can become easier with the good aspects from Mars and Uranus, it’s possible to start reaping rewards from what you’ve built in the past.

Uranus can take off any minute, and with New Moon here, ideas most likely keep coming rapidly, and depending on which house this is in your personal horoscope, you may make radical, unexpected changes of direction.

New Moon on Neptune will open you up to listening and hearing the voice of the unseen realms – bring those visions to others by writing, film, art, poetry…

Pluto, although officially not a planet any longer, is a powerhouse not to be ignored as anyone studying astrology quickly learns. New Moon on Pluto can bring irreversible changes that you didn’t necessarily invite, but remember, it happens for your highest good in the long run. Think of phoenix rising from ashes, this is a new, transformed you in the making.

If the New Moon touches your Ascendant, your roadmap of life and how others see you can have a whole new start, a very nice beginning for the coming year and month.

And with the MC or Midheaven, career focus intensifies, and advances are very likely, although it may mean totally transforming your goals.

Happy New Year!

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