– Although traditionally Capricorns are cool in love, it seems they are cautious when it comes to committing their heart, not so much when just dating. But even there, you’ll be sure to be appraised for what your particular Capricorn appreciates most, and that is shown by Venus’ aspects, and by their Sun sign. It can only be in Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces, since Venus is never more than 2 signs away from the Sun.

Venus aspects to the other planets give away what they truly appreciate, and it’s not always status and wealth, although they do figure prominently.

If Venus, almost regardless of sign is in conjunction with Neptune, then love is what they appreciate, and can plunge headlong into a romance. This is true for Capricorn Venus, too. Venus with Neptune can give you a savior/victim complex, too. A person with this can simply give too much. It can also show a very spiritual love, merging with the other totally, a yearning and soulmate kind love.

Pluto in a tough aspect like square or opposition, or even conjunction with Venus, especially in Capricorn will usually result in obsessive relationships with power struggles, no matter how much Capricorn tries to hold back. Trines and sextiles are easier, although still compulsive to an extent. They can show a soul mate type relationship.

Venus together with Mars will result in a hot powerhouse, no matter what sign, but more so if in a sextile with Scorpio or Taurus – and also conjunct in Capricorn. With opposition or square, Capricorn Venus usually will act reserved and they’re at a loss of what’s going on in the relationship since there are frequent arguments.

Capricorn Venus can just dream of love in a more detached way if aspected with Mercury, by writing long love letters or texts or even short stories, almost regardless of what kind of aspect.

Venus in Capricorn with Jupiter expands, no signs can hold back the trust in this aspect. And since the trine will be in the other earth signs Taurus or Virgo, riches of the material kind are likely, as well as steady emotions. Sextiles to Scorpio or Pisces would give a more artistic or spiritual bent, although still with an eye for what’s ‘real’. With a square to the other cardinal signs Aries and Libra, your Venus in Capricorn person will go back and forth holding back in a scrooge-like fashion and then overspending. With an opposition to Cancer, this tendency is even stronger. The same goes for their emotions.

Venus in Capricorn with Saturn is tough in conjunction, square, or opposition, and can result in a man or woman who simply cannot open their hearts, it’s a karmic condition they’ve come to resolve. She or he will not even date just anyone, let alone think long term. They want someone they can depend on, to advance their goals and get somewhere in life. Plan your advance in life carefully if you want this gal or guy! They can be truly the person who wants to know the size of your wallet first, although if they work with their self-worth issues, it’s no longer an issue. With a trine it’s much better, although love still doesn’t flow freely at first, but it has a strong possibility to develop to a steady long term relationship, and the same goes for sextile.

Even Capricorn’s reserve can’t hold back if Venus is in a square or opposition with Uranus, the planet of rebellion and going against the norm. Quick on and off romances, taking off at the moment’s notice, even falling in love at first sight are possible – although not lasting, usually. But anything IS possible with Capricorn who sees the long term, if after the first infatuation fades, you’re the reliable sort, especially if there’s a trine or sextile.

Same is true for those with Capricorn Venus in conjunction with Moon. Although they will have the reserve, these two emotional, feminine planets together will enhance love and emotional support for relationships. If they are in opposition or square, they can have problems with settling down after marriage to being a wife and mother, or for men, to see their wife in a different light, when the dating aspect starts to fade. In trine or even sextile, they’re likely to be charming, attractive, and well groomed.

And Venus-Sun conjunction will make a charmer, although with the Capricorn’s cool, appraising bent.

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Image courtesy of astroPPM


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