CAPRICORN – Winter Solstice

freyaSun enters Capricorn at winter solstice, a powerful degree astrologically, when the night is darkest, but also when light is just beginning its slow climb to summer solstice. Maybe this is one of the reasons Capricorns know deep down they have to be patient, allow for the slowness of the light to return, and be ready to build, one brick upon the next, for that firm foundation. Then, at the end, they have a real, full, solid house, even if it takes a lifetime.

Capricorn’s innate knowledge of the hard lessons life can throw on your way is stated by the ruler of the sign, Saturn. As you sow, so you reap is Saturn’s motto. Capricorns may sometimes seem indestructible but don’t be fooled! Under that cool and collected exterior lie the storms of the heart and mind his or her disciplined approach will never let you see – it’s unseemly and just not done, other astrological placements showing the same.

Sometimes Capricorns seem to spend their youth hell bent on destroying themselves, but Saturn has a way of making them come home to the true Capricorn way: patience, acceptance of your limits, a slow climb.

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