Someone recently asked me this question, and I thought to share it, and my response.
She asked, “Does Mars in the 8th house give someone a high sex drive, or do they need other aspects for them to have a high sex drive, or maybe some aspects can counteract or have negative influences on their attitude towards sex. For example, I’m a Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio sun with Mars in the 8th, but I also have Mars inconjunct Pluto, which I read can cause sexual dysfunction.”

I wrote, “Mars in 8th house will give you a strong sex drive as a general rule, but much depends on the sign and aspects of Mars. For example, Mars in Scorpio or Aries, the signs it rules makes the energy and sexuality very strong, while Mars in say Cancer or Libra not necessarily so. And also, say if Mars, even in Scorpio, is also square or opposite, (or inconjunct to a lesser degree) Saturn or Neptune, then it can work to hold the sexual energy in check and cause problems. Mars with Saturn can cause inhibit a more natural kind of flow, and with Neptune it can give the person a more spiritual outlook he or she may feel doesn’t go well with raw sexuality. Regarding Mars-Pluto aspects, I think they are two powerhouses of energy, and even an inharmonious aspect between the two is not enough to suppress it. Mars in trine or sextile with Pluto would give you a sexual over-drive, and with conjunction, square, and opposition, or inconjunct the same, but with such an explosive force it may be difficult to hold it in check. However, you always have to take into account ALL the other factors in a personal horoscope to make an assessment, as it should be confirmed by other factors, too. Usually, there are other, mitigating aspects in the chart that can be used to help, and I always point them out as part of my readings.
You can find out your Mars sign and aspects in this free calculator:
Photo credit Astrology King – thank you!

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