Gemini full moon for each element and sign


FULL MOON in GEMINI – Things often come to a head during full moons. What was started during the previous new moon, or something carried over from the previous full moon can see a resolution or culmination of some kind during the full moon intense energy.
Today, December 13, 2016, the moon is in Gemini, and the sun is in its opposite sign, Sagittarius. This astrological opposition happens during every full moon, and always reminds me of relationships, so what I write below is about more what this can mean for each sun sign, in a general sense.
The moon is your own sign GEMINI and the Sun in the fire sign Sagittarius, bringing together excited, flammable thoughts and deeds. However, they are kept in by the Saturn conjunction to the Sun and opposition to the Moon. If your partner is in a mood for a good argument, then this will bring it up. This is all about communication and clearing the air, ready to move on with your relationship once it passes, especially with help from the good aspects of Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars.
For LIBRA, the Gemini air moon reflects thoughts across the communication axis of the horoscope, opposite the fire Sagittarius Sun. You may disagree with your partner where to go next, what to explore… With Saturn hovering so close to the sun and opposing the moon, this can become serious. Try to get the unexpressed thoughts out nevertheless, and helpful aspects from planets will intervene.
The third air sign AQUARIUS is always ready to move on, and during this full moon, the urge is to leave an existing romance for wider pastures and party with friends in the safety of not too raw emotions. It has the added benefit of suppressing what’s really brewing under the surface, but it could be there’s a big risk of hurting your partner with your words and deeds. Just take a break for now, make no drastic decisions.
For ARIES, this is the mirror image of Libra above. Usually act first, think later Aries energy wins you over, but during this full moon, you may feel the call of more lofty ideas and trying to make sense of philosophy, rules and regulations and the world at large. Emotions may interfere, but it should all end well with the good aspects assisting as in above.
If you, LEO, are trying to move too fast during this full moon, it’s likely your love interest will flee. This can bring up a whole range of emotions about freedom, expression, and is it okay to express them especially with Saturn tightly in aspect. With your Leonine flair, keep smiling, be regal! Mean words never were your style anyway.
And SAGITTARIUS, the Sun and Saturn are on your Ascendant, and the Moon in the 7th house of relationships. There’s no escaping a showdown of some kind, but please try to keep your bossiness and the urge to take off at any excuse in check. You’ll most probably regret hurting your honey in the longer run, and he or she may remember it too well symbolized by the Gemini moon…
For the practical and down to earth TAURUS, you’ve kept in all those nagging issues about who pays for what all this time, and unless in a permanent relationship where you can accept it’s your responsibility, feathers may fly as the lid finally blows during the heightened senses of the full moon even with Saturn sitting on top of it. Try to remember, your partner didn’t know so much was bothering you… and try to make up with the help of flowers and chocolate – good planetary aspects are also assisting.
The no-nonsense VIRGO will feel the push-pull of home versus career come to a head during this time. Home responsibilities that Virgo takes seriously are pulling him or her back there, resulting also in possible changes in work situation, and all this affecting your primary relationship… not so easy. But be assured, it will pass, and good aspects will help the situation, you may even get a promotion or be allowed to work from home, easing tensions with your loved one.
CAPRICORN will most likely feel an unease brewing with some uncomfortable, long held-in secrets trying to creep out from where they’ve always been, hidden. Now, with your partner exercising precision probing into what’s going on, maybe it’s time to… just tell. It’s likely not a big deal at all, and there are good aspects that help you and your partner.
CANCER – if working non-stop has been quietly and secretly annoying your romantic partner, now it will come out with an explosive strength during this full moon and the lid on Saturn blown to the skies. Or Saturn could win the emotional Cancer who still manages to keep it all in… Practice talking to your partner when alone first, then just tell what’s on your mind. You’ll be well received.
For SCORPIO, intuition and money management go hand in hand, and if something’s been brewing about joint resources, it will come out during the air-fire moon in 2nd to 8th house. And another way this can happen is culmination in the bedroom in a true Scorpio fashion. Try to hold in your need to control in relationships, and all will be well with good planetary aspects assisting despite the Saturn influence.
Authority figures in big for the last water sign PISCES during this excitable full moon. Trying to talk your way out of a situation will most probably first be awkward and then ease up with the good aspects from Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus helping. As long as the feeling flow and you show them to your partner, all is well.
photo credit Astrology Answers

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