Houses in astrology symbolize what area of life is going to be affected by planets and aspects to that house. When comparing charts, one partner’s planets fall into a house in the other’s and vice versa.
Continuing on Saturn, if your partner’s Saturn falls in your first house, he or she can feel like a ton of bricks on how you go about being yourself. They can seem disapproving, judgmental, even tyrannical. This can be a payback time from the past when you placed restrictions on that person, not letting them express their individuality. They could have been held back by you in some way, and you had authority over them, maybe a highly regarded teacher or even a parent. As a result, now they’re back here and in a sense you two are locked in by the immovable Saturn until you learn to let the other person just be.
Please remember this is just a short sketch of what may have happened in the past – the possibilities are endless, but the effect of this aspect is very real. The main point to take is although he or she may feel restrictive and heavy, it’s there for a reason, and usually there are other, more pleasant aspects that suggest where help may come from, such as a beneficial Jupiter aspect.

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