Saturn in relationships

couple-karmaWhy does the same thing always seem to go wrong in your relationships? One reason may be a karmic connection between you and your partner. In synastry, or chart comparison, Saturn aspects between charts indicate past life karma, and it can be either good or not so good. In a sense, you’ve met this person because you have things to work through that were not left in good terms the last time around.
Other things also like the North and South Nodes of the Moon, the Moon itself, and Pluto also indicate karma. Here’s a short list of what Saturn may mean in relationships. More coming later about what those past lives may have been:
If your partner’s Saturn aspects your Sun, especially by conjunction, he or she will feel like they have authority over you. It may feel you’re never good enough and that you’ve squashed in some way.
Saturn with Moon can really play on your emotional health. Approach with caution.
Saturn and Mercury may feel like everything you say, simply isn’t right, or actually you’ll never say anything for fear of being wrong.
If the planet of love, Venus is hampered by Saturn, it truly is hampering love. At the same time, if it’s a good aspect, this can be love that lasts – all these have a good side and bad side, but mostly show lessons that have to be learned and difficulties that have to be overcome. If it’s a good aspect like trine, you’re reaping the rewards for your good deeds and it’s a good, steady, lasting love relationship!
Saturn on Mars will in some cases bring your aggression under control if you have an out of control Mars, but it can also really make a mess of an easy flow of energy especially in the bedroom.
Saturn and Jupiter are like the opposite sides of a coin. Saturn will dampen your enthusiasm here.
If your Uranus is contacted by your partner’s Saturn, you’ll be on a different page regarding culture and establishment.
And Pluto with Saturn… power struggles all the way.
More about the possible karma with the Saturn placements coming!

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