Mars describes your drive and passion


While Venus in a birth chart is love, a loving feeling, Mars is the raw fire in your belly passion. It’s to do with assertion, energy, even aggression, and males in general. Both men and women have Mars in their charts, of course.
That fire can come out differently depending on what Mars touches by aspect: Mars and Venus is always in love, Mars with Pluto is the insatiable caveman, Mars with Uranus is gone before you know it, Mars with Sun is energized blending, And Moon and Mars.. the best way this can come out is the Mars person energizes the Moon person, but in many cases, a lot of discord. Mars with Mercury will result in passionate speech and many changes; Mars and Neptune are ill-at-ease together and may never meet for real.
Mars with Saturn can result in problems with affection. And finally, Mars with the expansive Jupiter can really give your lovelife a boost.
photo credit free spirited mind

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