Astrology can help with dating and marriage


Recently, I had a message from a woman who wondered why her dating always started quick and hot, but when it came to commitment, her boyfriends would just disappear.

Psychologically, this can mean she’s unconsciously pushing men away, and astrologically she had Uranus connected with the 5th house of romance and Saturn with her 7th house of marriage.

This means marriage is very serious for her, and dating is quick and fun but not lasting.
This very same thing can also mean once she DOES settle, it’s a source of safety, and security for her, a ‘forever’ kind of thing – depending of what other things go on in the chart, other planets in 7th, and their aspects.

The good news is, she can learn to acknowledge that it’s actually her who’s doing the pushing away and work on the good aspects connected to the 5th to ease the situation. These patterns come from the earliest childhood, and that’s why they’re unconscious.

Astrology can pinpoint when the time is for dating and marriage, as well as the best way to deal with the issues that the birth chart shows.

And with a specific partner, synastry or chart comparison shows strengths, weaknesses, love, problems, karma, is it most probably going to last…

In my view, astrology deals with probabilities, not rock solid events – any relationship can last, it’s just a matter of hard or easy or loving or not is likely.


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