SAGITTARIUS New Moon for each element and sign

sag-new-moonSAGITTARIUS NEW MOON today, November 29, reminds us all to have faith and optimism. The sign Sagittarius is about being able to see the big picture, and the ability to project hope and inspiration when things may seem bleak.

Planet Saturn joins the conjunction by a wide margin, making it more serious and reality based, and Neptune squares it from its own sign, dreamy Pisces. This is a complicated Moon/Sun dance, when our faith may be tested.

Below is a short summary of what this means to the different signs, grouped according to the elements. Depending on where Sagittarius falls on your personal birth chart, different areas of life are most affected, and this is written for those with the sign on the Ascendant mostly.

FIRE signs Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo are known for their enthusiasm, initiative, and leadership. They can bring a lot of energy to projects, and are not fearful to take action.

For SAGITTARIUS, the Sun and Moon together in your own sign promises new projects that affect you very personally, not taking much notice of others- except it’s possible something in the form of heavy responsibility interferes, with Saturn hovering behind the Ascendant. Then again, Neptune in 4th house representing your home can be a source of uplifting and bliss, but also illusion.

ARIES takes action so swiftly, other signs can just gasp in worry and wonder. This time, those born under it want to take off, immediately and literally with the New Moon in the 9th house. Vacations far away, long distance travel… watch out you have everything necessary for travel, and also for any unusual foods or drink that may not suit you!

The third fire Sign LEO has this happening in the happy area of life – the fifth, where Leos are naturally at home. So parties, outings, fun, and plenty of romance that may take on serious tinges are in the cards. Be careful about any finances and be sure to check any joint filings, checks, or deeds.


AIR signs GEMINI, LIBRA, and AQUARIUS go well with the heat of fire Sagittarius Moon, and for them, the new things promised at every New Moon are more in the mind, although social activities also figure largely.

GEMINI has the New Moon in the 7th house of partnerships, promising committed love and partnership he or she is quite surprised by, with Saturn here too. This could be the start of something long term…  Neptune throws glitter and glamour from someone high up, perhaps trying to interfere… don’t let them.

LIBRA – This refined and social sign will see a flurry of new activities in the neighborhood for the next few weeks, not so unusual for the holiday season, but very pronounced now for Librans. Some solemn words may be part of the equation, it’s not all fun and smiles, but sometimes that is a good thing! Also watch out for overeating and drinking, as it can affect your health.

AQUARIUS – While the New Moon happens in the area of life naturally linked with you, the 11th, Saturn brings structure to otherwise free-wheeling friendship and association activities the typical Aquarian’s life consists off. Thinking of starting a new friend-based activity to help the needy during the holidays using social media? Go for it, the time is right. But also remember to be scrupulous about books and money.


WATER signs CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES are usually slower to get going than the quick-in-the-moment fire signs, and they could find this New Moon in Sagittarius a little unsettling.

CANCER – You may feel something burning just under your skin, raring to go? During the next few weeks, make your move in a slow, steady pace despite inner urgings or others at work encouraging you to just leap. For any water sign, it’s usually best to move slowly, and with Saturn also in your work area, make sure you know what you’re doing. Those responsibilities that go with promotions can sometimes prove – just too much.

SCORPIO – Although you want to initiate new financial ventures, make sure everything checks out before charging ahead. Sagittarius fire is setting your initiative ablaze in business news, but take a little more time, erring on the side of caution is the best policy. And when you do move ahead, it’s best to stick to tried and true commodities and securities – don’t go gabling this time, not even in stock market.

PISCES – You’re itching to shine at your career, and have put some serious work into it, and now, with Neptune glamorizing your appearance, others will view you through rose-colored glasses. Providing you’ve put in the necessary groundwork, you can start advancing now, fast!


EARTH signs TAURUS, VIRGO AND CAPRICORN sometimes view fire’s quick action as childish play, preferring a slow, measured approach to most things – below find out what area of life can see a new spark in the coming few weeks.

TAURUS – It’s time to start making solid plans for a long-awaited vacation somewhere far away and exotic, and who knows this may turn out the trip of the life time with new associations and friends cropping up on the way. Be sure you know who they are before getting too close, with Neptune clouding judgment a little in that area of life right now.

VIRGO – New beginnings at home spell a good month to come for you. This is a good season to make home improvements that last, adding valued to your property at the same time. Your long term committed partner can act a little mysteriously, but don’t worry too much – it’s all glitter and passes quickly. After all, it’s holidays!

CAPRICORN – It could be that among the fiery spark during this New Moon, things get a little clouded for the usually grounded Capricorn. It could be your thinking is not what it usually is – foggy, maybe? Or that subconscious fears are holding you back from initiating things. It’s not a bad thing, it’s usually best for Capricorn especially to weigh out things, even if it sometimes means lost opportunities – remember, in the long run, they were not good for you anyway!


Photo credit chakraboosters, thank you!



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