Mars in Sagittarius likes to be on the move. Never fearing what comes next, Mars in Sagittarius person likes to start anew, again, once more, often juggling many projects and going after many ideas at the same time, sometimes at breakneck speed.

It can get a little confusing at times, at least to those observing, or especially for those closely involved with the Sagittarius Mars person, male or female.

Although most often motivated by high principles and morality, sometimes this gets confusing to the Mars in Sagittarius persons themselves, and they may end up shooting their symbolic arrows to too many directions, dissipating their energy and perhaps, hurting unsuspecting partners, especially in romance who are baffled when they realize they are not the only one.

But Mars in Sagittarius not only feels the entitlement as is befitting for those who are ruled by Jupiter, the king of Roman gods, but also to fulfil their mission to spread happiness and luck. How it works may baffle them too, but most of the time, they are too busy having fun, making sure others have fun, while following an idealistIc goal.

photo credit: idealistic astrology

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