SAGITTARIUS has so many facets it’s sometimes hard to keep up! It’s one of the dual signs, but also fire and mutable (changeable!) as an astrological explanation. Sagittarians are usually interested in so many things, they end up going from one thing to the other, often traveling long distances to get there, both mentally and literally. And they are full of enthusiasm as well, ready to dance until morning stars start fading!

Below are some pointers how your Sagittarius amore will react in a relationship with the other signs, but remember, these are just short sketches, for the real personal ‘portrait’ astrologically, you’ll need to get your personal birth chart, calculated from your date, time, and place of birth. And if you really want to know about your relationship, you’ll also need a comparison, called synastry chart with him or her.


SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH ARIES MAN – This combo is all fire, as both a busy chasing rainbows – or in Aries man case, usually chasing women is more in the cards. They’ll have fun chasing each other, but it could be he really doesn’t get that she really doesn’t want to be caught, but in a sense enjoys the chase as much as he – without the ultimate outcome of capture. Where does this end? Usually nowhere except for quick fire that burns out just as quickly. That’s not to say the fires aren’t magnificent while the heat lasts. But the basic elemental, fire compatibility is there, so if there are other, more steady contacts this can be a great combination. Advice for both is to give each other space – and freedom.

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH ARIES WOMAN – Fast-paced chasing is still in the cards, but the Aries woman is more likely to want to be caught – if only temporarily, as she can also change her mind pretty quickly. Sagittarius man, on the other hand will likely go chasing forever, moving from one target to the next at lightning speed – think of Jupiter, the king of gods in Roman mythology. He did also have a wife he always returned to, so if that’s acceptable, Sagittarius man can be a good match for the Aries woman, however she likes to keep what’s hers more often than not. Honesty is the best policy both ways.


SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH TAURUS MAN – Fast rider meets immovable object – meet Sagittarius whose very symbol is half-horse, and the earth-bound Taurus the bull, and rarely do these two meet. Basically, they have hardly anything in common, except both are very interested in the opposite sex. Taurus is earth and fixed, the very symbol of immovability, and that’s just impossible for the freedom-loving, free-wheeling Sagittarius woman to understand. How could anyone want to stay put like that? She wonders, while he shakes his head and digs in, immovable as ever. So where does this lead? Basically, nowhere, unless there are binding karmic ties like Saturn and Moon, or other planet combinations that overcome the basic differences. Love advice is to get to know each other really well before any long term commitment.

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH TAURUS WOMAN – She wants to stay in and – well, love – and he’ll want to go out dancing and partying first, flirting with every female crossing his path, and that just doesn’t sit well with Taurus woman. For her, love and relationship means being together, period. No ifs or buts about it, you’re together now and forever, and don’t even think of cheating. This spells a death toll in Taurus’ possessive heart, and also in Sagittarius man’s freedom-loving mind, and unless the whole relationship is based on deception, the only way it can work is honesty, and forgiveness. Lots of it.


SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH GEMINI MAN  – She’s all a-glitter, he’s all intellect, but they can still meet exchanging ideas about the nature of the universe, which she has fun pointing out is now often called multiverse, according to latest astrophysics – which will rattle his intellectual superiority and result in a night-long arguments about who’s right. Because both signs basically love to exchange ideas, it’s not a bad thing, and all can end well. Gemini’s air and Sagittarius fire go well together, they give each other energy, and both are mutable, meaning ready for a change of scenery very quickly. Life will never be boring for these two!

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH GEMINI WOMAN – This can work, since both are mutable, meaning changeable, and appreciate good conversation. And both usually have an open-minded approach to relationships, understanding the need for freedom and to explore. He’ll love her glamour and social skills; she’ll adore his life-of-the party exuberance. If one wants to just stay home for a long period of time, it may cause problems, though, but with other good planet combos reinforcing, this can be a good match.



SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH CANCER MAN – Quickly changing fire meets deep, emotional water, and the combination rarely ends up being good. Taking the symbolism of the two signs a bit further, Sagittarius feels her very freedom is squashed by Cancer man’s insistence to share her all with him, despite her insisting there’s not that much brewing under her fun exterior. He’s simply not capable of accepting that, since for him, everyone has something seething emotionally just under the surface. Usually, they’ll end up saying goodbye very quickly, sometimes leaving him broken hearted and wondering why he couldn’t crack her emotional code.

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH CANCER WOMAN – When she bursts into tears with every reason and no reason at all, he’ll become frustrated and angry, quickly beating it down the road and to the nearest watering hole or dancing hall – anywhere where people gather, laugh, dance and sing. She, on the other hand, will cry even more, staying quietly at home, writing pages-long letters to him telling why she’s feeling so hurt, and trying to get under his skin – My love advice to Cancer woman is, forget it. Try to find a nice Scorpio or Pisces man who understands your emotions, or a quietly dependable Taurus or unassuming Virgo who can support your feelings. And Sagittarius man – if you ever want a steady home, try to slow down, and find a fire or air partner.



SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH LEO MAN – Things can work out great with these two fire signs, as long as he can take the center stage – and usually, that’s not a big problem for the free-wheeling Sagittarius woman. She has confidence enough, and frankly, doesn’t care if everyone shows her adoration. She knows she’s adorable anyway, and what does it really matter when you’re out there trying to figure out the meaning of life? Leo man may wonder where his love’s mind is at times, but as long as she stays there with him physically so he can show her off, it’s just fine. A nice combination.

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH LEO WOMAN – He’s pleased with her poise and grace, while she’s in love with his masculine overdrive and dancing around with everyone – as long as he knows who his real love is and also shows it publicly so she can feel she’s had her dues. Being at the center of social activity and on top of the pyramid are important for her, and as long as her Sagittarian charmer man understands it, this is a cute couple. Think Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, all you history aficionados out there… although they weren’t these signs, their relationship had the flavor.


SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH VIRGO MAN – The only thing these two have in common is their changeability. She’s all fire and he’s all earth, and rarely do they meet – but it can happen. He’ll be fascinated by her bold steps through unknown territory both literally and metaphysically, while she’s not sure how he can stay so put and analyze everything – after all, there’s the whole wide world out there ready to be explored. Rarely will these two make a good match, unless other astrological indicators contradict and bind them together. But they can have fun romancing and exploring together – in the basic romantic way!

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH VIRGO WOMAN – She can be appalled by what she thinks is his crudeness – at first, that is. But when he turns on his seductive charm, and leads her down the dance floor, the defenses of this sign know for its fussiness can come crashing down – at least for a while. He’s looking for a fling, she’s looking for – dependability, and unless she has that in the form of a dependable husband somewhere, this won’t fly. On the other hand, if she does have a dependable husband, she’s all game. For a night or two. Just don’t tell her husband.



SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH LIBRA MAN – This is fire meets with air, and providing other astrological combinations between their charts agree, they can be a permanent match. They both appreciate different cultures, art, and finer things in love. The only problem may arise when the Libran man gets all romantic and wants to have one-on-one candlelit dinners, and she – well, she wants to go out to party and then romance! But there’s a strong flame that’s possible between these two, a good combo!

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH LIBRA WOMAN – She almost literally lives on love, thinking of love, talking about love, trying to find a permanent love is she doesn’t have one, and he’s – well, interested, but permanence usually isn’t on his mind, at least not immediately. But he’s fascinated when she’s all dimples and roses, inviting him to her boudoir, and is quick to follow. This can work, it’s a good mix.


SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH SCORPIO MAN – He’ll be attracted to her glitter and fun, as well as to her search for a deeper meaning in life, however, when he turns all intense and possessive if he’s serious, she’s likely to run for the hills – unless there are binding other influences between their charts, as usual. But the basic flavor of the two signs is very different – she values freedom and movement very highly, while he wants to possess his woman. More often than not, they’ll part ways quickly.

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH SCORPIO WOMAN – All bets are off in love for the intense Scorpio woman, and that doesn’t sit well with the Sagittarius man whose very existence is tied with being able to roam and explore. They can fascinate each other, spend time exploring together, ponder the meaning of life, but when it comes to commitment time, and she’s ready, he likely – is not. Give it time, get to know each other, have a full chart comparison done before moving ahead.


This is a fiery combination, where the couple will understand each others’ basic need to be free and to explore. As long as there are no other planetary influences that makes it difficult for either partner to grant the necessary freedom to the other, a good combo! As always, to determine your own relationship compatibility, have your own and your partner’s birth charts done and compared!


SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH CAPRICORN MAN – These two signs have nothing in common, as a rule. Capricorn is earth and cardinal, a firm believer in rules and procedure; while Sagittarius is almost the exact opposite – freedom loving, and rule-bending when need be. In a relationship, unless other planetary influences help, they are likely to go past each other, either literally as in not meeting, or parting ways after knowing each other for a little while. It’s likely they could make it work as always, if there’s say a binding Saturn contract, but it’s won’t be easy.

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH CAPRICORN WOMAN – Explorer meets ambition, and they could well clash from the start, unless other astrological factors make them stick together for the time being. She can put up with–what she calls his restlessness, and he can deal with – what he calls her naked cronyism – as long as they have a common goal. The trouble may be, that he can change his mind about his priorities at the drop of the hat, while she is committed and determined to stick it out. Usually, not a very easy combination.


SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH AQUARIUS MAN – Both love being free, unattached, and roaming, so things could work out well between the two. However, for all his protestations of ‘we’re just enjoying each others’ company as friends’, he still likes to know what his woman is up to, and if he finds out she’s been – too free – it may not end up well. On the other hand, between two more detached types typical of the signs, this is a good fire – air combination that can last.

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH AQUARIUS WOMAN – Both like to play and feel free, and often can go their own separate ways, but then enjoy each other’s company when they get together. Aquarian woman is social and likes to go out to party, and so does Sagittarius man. They are both also independent, and appreciate the need for freedom the other one has. This can work well, other aspects confirming. The basic harmony is there.


SAGITTARIUS WOMAN WITH PISCES MAN –    Fire and water, rarely a good mix, but both these signs are mutable, meaning they can understand the way the other changes his or her mind and interests quickly. However, Pisces is emotional and needy, while Sagittarius is always on the go and not so deep. He may feel neglected in the long run – she may feel smothered. Take your time to get to know each other well before any commitment!

SAGITTARIUS MAN WITH PISCES WOMAN – There’s a sense of having fun with Sagittarius – Pisces combination, as both are ruled by Jupiter (Pisces is also ruled by Neptune since it was discovered). Jupiter brings a sense of being able to listen and to move to the rhythms of the universe, and to expand as the moment demands to both. In the longer run, she is likely to crave for emotional closeness and sharing that he just may not be capable of giving. A fun but difficult combo.


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