Venus in Sagittarius: Freelance explorer

venus-in-sagittarius-lost-dudeistThis is the first of posts about Sagittarius. While it’s Sagittarius season, meaning  Sun is in Sagittarius, all my posts will be about Sagittarius.

Freelance explorer is my shorthand to describe how anyone with this in their chart approaches love and values, including money.

Venus in Sagittarius person is unconventional in love, unafraid to take risks, and a little baffled their own free-wheeling ‘love conquers all’ approach to relationships can raise eyebrows with others who, for example, have a strong Capricorn in their charts, and who are more concerned with established social norms and rules.

The same goes for how they view money: Sagittarius Venus likes it a lot, but only for the freedom it can give them, and really, not such a big deal!

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the bringer of luck and optimism, and Venus in Sagittarius person will find luck is on their side more often than not especially in love, and finances.

But of course, it really depends on Venus’ aspects, and the rest of the chart. I’ll post more about the different combinations of Venus in Sagittarius and Sun in the few signs it can be in since Venus is never more than 78 degrees from Sun in the coming weeks.

photo credit: lostdudeistastlogy

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