Sun moves to Sagittarius: Optimism

sagittariusSUN moves to Sagittarius today, changing the mood in cosmos – Sagittarius looks for a deeper meaning in life, but in a more light-hearted way.

Sagittarians as a rule are happy-go-lucky, philosophical, and willing to adjust their views as new facts emerge – it’s a fire and mutable sign. Sometimes this combo can lead to quick action and unexpected changes in moods and plans that are unsettling to others..

Keywords for Sagittarius are adventure, generosity, positivity, philosophy, far reaching ideas, traveling long distances, different cultures, higher education, and spiritual search.

On the flip side Sagittarius can be superficial, always on the go, and Sagittarians can change their minds from moment to moment. Some Sagittarians love their freedom so much they never settle down, or if they do, they may not play by the ‘normal’ rules.

The enthusiasm and broad vision of this sign is contagious and uplifting.

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