Moon trine Mercury in fire signs: jumpstart your plans

It’s easy to flow along with your brain in balance – Moon is right brain, the intuitive, feeling side of you, and Mercury the left brain that thinks and analyzes.

Many artists have a prominent Moon, and so do many creative writers. It seems to expand the receptiveness of the right brain, allowing inspiration in.

But as anyone who ever created anything of value knows, the results are due to inspiration and then – perspiration. Mercury can represent the part of the brain that just works very hard, moving around with thoughts that can make many dizzy, depending on Mercury sign, of course. Sometimes, the thoughts are slower and more measured.

For everyday living, its good to have Moon and Mercury, right and left brain work together in balance. When they help each other, like today, and in fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, getting going with that project you’ve had on the backburner for so long is much easier than most days.

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