Taurus Full Moon Nov 14, 16: what it means for each sign


On November 14, 2014 during the Full Moon, the Moon will be in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio, opposing each other in the eternal dance across the skies during the strongest Supermoon for years.

New and Full Moons always symbolize relationships to me – the Moon symbolizes femininity and females, and the Sun masculinity and males in astrology.

Supermoon means the Moon is the closest to earth in its orbit, and it will appear huge and brilliant, hanging low in the skies.

What does this mean to you as a person interested in astrology? While a whole astrological horoscope needs to be done for a full picture, the forecast below applies to those with the Ascendant in the sign, and to a lesser extent, Sun, Moon or many planets together.

ARIES – Now’s the time to bring your romantic plans into action, especially concerning intimacy, sex, and deep connection with your partner.  Both Taurus and Scorpio are sensual, but can have a bad reputation for nothing. Both are deeply loyal at core, and are looking for something that lasts, although while looking, may experiment more freely. And with Uranus on the Ascendant and in quincunx aspect of tension with the Sun, watch out you don’t act too impulsively during this Supermoon.

TAURUS – Moon in the 1st house in Taurus, Sun in 7th house in Scorpio – of course it will be great seduction time, with an eye on long term commitment although tinged with eroticisms with the two sexy signs involved. Uranus in 12th house can agitate for a big shake-up, though, and coming clean with you partner is necessary. While the Full Moon will heighten the senses and excite, it’s also possible to see a relationship come to an end now – but remember, it was there already, the combined energy of the Sun and Moon just brought it to a head.

GEMINI – The bright Taurus Moon is in your 12th house of secrets and intuition, opposite the Scorpio Sun in 6th. Gemini doesn’t really take much notice of the unseen realms, being too busy overthinking and talking, but this time, inner promptings can be overpowering. The Sun and Moon don’t have any major aspects – it seems like the relationship dance is taking place all in its own space, with one foot in the reality based work and everyday humdrum situations, and the other feeling intuitively something’s about to happen. With Uranus in an uncomfortable quincunx to the Sun and an easier semi-sextile to Moon, expect the unexpected, and be ready for secrets to be exposed.

CANCER – Sun in 5th in Scorpio, Moon in 11th in Taurus, and Uranus in Aries in 10th house can result in drama between your date and your friends, with possibly a boss interfering. You could be overloaded with assignments that prevent you from hanging out with either friends or lovers. But also your innate creativity can peak now, you’ll finally finish your artistic master piece, or shine in some other field – on stage, or any performance. But it will be deep and passionate around this Supermoon time.

LEO – Feathers – or the leonine mane – may get ruffled at home when the emotional Scorpio Moon in your 4th house causes havoc with brighter than usual beams and all you really want to do is shine in public where the Moon is, in 10th house, as usual. This could be marital drama involving the whole family, even unexpectedly from relatives or friends from faraway lands, since Uranus is meddling in the 9th house. Keep your cool, retreat to your regal composure – it may ease tensions to simply concentrate on your work.

VIRGO – While tensions may rise and you feel justified using your excellent mind to prove your point, try to hold it during this Full Moon. Tensions run high, and others simply won’t want to hear your logic. Others in close intimate relationship with you can become suddenly unpredictable and demand more freedom, and then suddenly reverse, with Uranus in 8th house and in the rash sign Aries. But with Uranus, things won’t last long, and Full Moons run their course within a few weeks!

LIBRA – Plenty of relationship drama is almost a certainty with the 2nd and 8th houses involved in a Sun- Moon dance in Scorpio and Taurus, and Uranus in 7th house of long term committed partnerships. You’ll feel upset, most likely, since Librans thrive on relationships and harmony, but remember, clearing the air every now and then is important in a lasting, healthy relationship. If your partner acts erratic, chalk it up to the Full Moon, and let it pass – soon it will.

SCORPIO – The Sun is in your 1st house, Moon in 7th, and Uranus making an uncomfortable link of adjustment from the 6th house – this can mean your partner suddenly accuses you of ignoring him or her, concentrating on your own, selfish (his or her words!) desires and needs, and your co-workers seemingly gang up on you too! Scorpios can sometimes feel persecuted for no good reason, but this time, there is a reason! Your spouse or partner is getting at you, and has managed to enlist others, too. But his or her faithful core will not give up on you, others will calm down, and you can make up in your favorite way, and you know what that is.

SAGITTARIUS – During this Full Moon, you may feel like going to hiding, because the combined energy of the Sun and Moon in the intense signs Scorpio and Taurus over 12th/6th house axis will leave nothing hidden. Add to it the uncertain mood of your love interests in a more casual setting, and the fact some of your behavior may have been secret, and this Full Moon may see fireworks in the love department. Things will come to a head, there might be partings, but only in casual dating. This will not affect your long term committed relationship, if you’re in one right now.

CAPRICORN – It’s likely you’ll want to go out with your friends and colleagues, but that won’t fly with your romantic partner in the dating scene with the 11th and 5th houses involved. He or she will most likely be egged on by someone at home, a parent or maybe member of their extended family – they may even feel you’re not suitable company for their family member. Remember, tensions often build up to a crescendo during the Full Moon, but it’s only passing. You can prove your trustworthiness another time, though, since emotions simply are too volatile now.

AQUARIUS – With Taurus Moon in your 4th house and Scorpio Sun in your 10th, things look a little tricky as to how you balance your career and need for recognition with your family. Most of the time, Aquarius is focused on the outer world, and likes to socialize and shine, so it could be a little tempestuous when those at home complain you’re never there, and the complaining around this time can be very loud, and a little irrational with Uranus in an adjustment demanding aspect with the Sun. Ride it out, don’t take it onboard – but you usually don’t need this advice, as it’s your signature way of dealing with life.

PISCES – Taurus Moon in the 3rd house opposes Scorpio Sun in 9th house, causing problems between how to view the world – through the logical, left brain, or more intuitive, inclusive right brain symbolized by the houses involved. Pisces is usually very intuitive, but now, the rational, steady, and practical Taurus Moon is demanding you take into account all angles, find out the facts, and don’t let your intuition cloud the facts. It’s possible money affairs also are a little up and down, affecting the relationship that’s also symbolized by the Sun and Moon opposition. It’s possible your honey wants to stay near home, and you want to get far far away from it all… if you can wait a few weeks, it’s a much better time to make decisions.

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