When Jupiter, the Great Benefic of the zodiac, has a glimpse of a reality check in the form of Saturn the hard task master, what gives?

Although the two can basically be at odds – Jupiter uplifts and believes in hope and future. and Saturn is heavy and grim – when they meet under mildly favorable circumstances, symbolized by sextile or 60 degrees, it’s possible to be optimistic and cautious at the same time, basing your hope and faith on facts.

Jupiter sextile Saturn also says it’s time to believe you can make your reality better. Everything starts with ideas and the emotion behind the ideas that will bring them to the finish line.

Jupiter in Libra symbolizing fairness and balance sextile Saturn in Sagittarius symbolizing justice and higher vision gives an opportunity for your hopes and hard facts to start working together to bring those ideas into reality.

photo credit hopefulwoman.com

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