This year’s New Moon in Scorpio happens just before Halloween – and many seem to think only bad things come from the combined pull of the Sun, Moon in the much misunderstood and misaligned sign of Scorpio, and the night of all ghouls and witches.
The new moon at 7 degrees Scorpio, 1:38 PM Eastern US time will also bring magic and transmutation, rebirth and rejoicing – if you dig deeper.
Everyone talks mostly about the ‘dark’ side of Scorpio, and also about the almost mystical sexual aura many who have this sign have. But this sign is much much deeper and has a much more spiritual side.
Let’s start with the symbols of the sign, and they are scorpion, eagle and phoenix. As with any sign, there are levels of consciousness and levels of evolvement – these symbols for Scorpio are especially potent. So which level of a person are you dealing with when you encounter a Scorpio becomes crucial.
The scorpion type will strike and retreat in the shadows at the least sign of perceived attack, and keep on fighting and plotting revenge til kingdom come.
The eagle will strike a deathly blow and soar away, and you’ll never try that trick again.
The phoenix – this mythical creature will transmute in front of your eyes, from what it was previously to something different, awesome, magnificent, if he or she only has the courage to die symbolically in the process. And not many other signs have the courage that many Scorpios naturally have since they were born under this sign, knowing there’s nothing to fear but fear itself, and the only thing that matters is to find what it all means, and to find the real purpose.
In the ordinary life day to day, this may seem just too much, but on some level, all Scorpios grabble with the fight between good and evil, light and dark constantly, even if they don’t know it. Maybe that’s why the bad rap – while navigating the hazy twilight borders of what’s real, Scorpios sometimes wander into murky waters, and in order to escape, sometimes do unsavory things.
But this is getting too deep into Scorpio. What does this new moon mean to each sign?
As always, what follows is general – for a real, true astrological picture, you need to analyze a person’s full horoscope.
For the WATER signs CANCER, SCORPIO, and PISCES, this will bring extra heightened emotions and possibly the start of something that’s been on a backburner for some time.
CANCER – Romance is much on your mind and being very emotional, new beginnings are possible even after over weepy goodbyes.
SCORPIO – Focus on self, starting projects that are individual and personal but also intensely emotionally important.
PISCES – May feel the emotional pull to traverse to wider scenery, either in reality as in long distance travel, or imagination.
AIR signs GEMINI, LIBRA, and AQUARIUS are not so rattled by the deep emotions as water signs. But the combined energies of sun, moon, AND Mercury together in the skies can affect even the most cynical hard-core intellectual, even if they don’t quite understand what hit them.
GEMINI – Drama at the work place, and someone there could try some power games…
LIBRA, money matters surface, maybe just start a new savings account to be safe.
AQUARIUS – New beginning in the career front or someone in authority comes to your help.
FIRE signs ARIES, LEO, and SAGITTARIUS can react emotionally, but then it’s quickly over, not like the seething water emotions and just keep flowing.
ARIES will likely see heightened activity in their favorite pastime – in the bedroom, or at the very least, concerning deep emotional connections that they don’t quite want to get into.
LEO – Home front may be tinged with power games, just keep cool, you know who the real ruler is…
SAGITTARIUS – Do your best to not fly off the handle at the least sign of provocation during this intense new moon in your 12th house.
EARTH signs TAURUS, VIRGO, and CAPRICORN are the bedrock of the zodiac, dependable and usually not rattled by unseemly emotions. Scorpio sun and moon and Mercury dancing together in the skies, however, can unravel even the most tightly tied emotions.
TAURUS – Watch out for the ‘new’ partner that suddenly emergences in your marriage, meaning your partner is like a new person. Or for singles, a new commitment is possible.
VIRGO – This is a good few weeks to put your excellent mind in studies especially since Mercury is together with the sun and moon, too.
CAPRICORN – Friendships are important, but maybe someone will try a little manipulation to get their way? Don’t be pulled in, but use your usual logic to do what needs to be done.
Image courtesy with thanks.

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