ARIES FULL MOON: What it means for each sign


ARIES FULL MOON – Once again sun and moon are meeting in a dance across the skies. On Sunday, October 16, they’re in opposition, the sun in Libra, and the moon in the opposite sign, Aries. Aries – Libra opposition in simple terms is “me over here versus you over there”, or “I’m going first, and then let’s talk about our relationship”.

Of course, it’s not as simple as that, but the needs of the individual can be pitted against relationship needs during this lunation. Disruption in the form of Uranus in Aries together with moon and opposing sun may upset most plans that are focused on any personal, only me ventures  without due regard to partners.

Every lunation brings in the blending of male and female energies.

The four cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel this the most. This snapshot forecast of the zodiac is based on the Ascending, or to a lesser extent, Sun or Moon signs in a general horoscope. For a full picture and real astrological reading, consult your personal horoscope to know if this lunation hits any sensitive point. Here’s a link to a free online calculator: Or send me an email or message if you need help.

For the cardinal air sign LIBRA, while the sun is in the first house, Aries moon is in the7th house, and this can mean changes in any existing long term partnership – marriage, live in lovers, or even business partners. Moon changes quickly, and while in Aries, you’ll want to initiate action. Libra, on the other hand, thrives of taking his or her partner’s views into account every time, sometimes even to their own detriment. As an air sign, Librans can live in their heads that are more often than not filled with thoughts about love and partnerships anyway. During this lunation, they may find it hard to decide which way to go, maybe mulling it over in their heads forever, and not being able to make a move.  This may play out for Libra as their partner being aggressive or demanding, not considering Libra’s feelings. It can mean arguments about the partnership, and because Uranus is conjunct moon, something unexpected can come out of the blue to upset loving relationships even more. The Libran person may feel shaken about what they see as lack of any consideration for them – however, unless the full moon hits sensitive points, this is only passing, and may dissipate as quickly as it started.

The other air signs Aquarius and Gemini will also feel the me-you agitation but in different areas of their lives more strongly.

Air and fixed sign AQUARIUS wants to focus on planning a long-distance trip, but events closer to home can bring something to upset the plans – maybe siblings or others in the community nearby don’t quite agree, and choose to act disruptively. While Aquarius is a sign that likes to think of the welfare of the whole world, in personal matters, it can decide what’s best for them is best for all, so in this case – long distance travel beckons.

And mutable air sign GEMINI will feel the familiar push-pull between more social activities with groups and friends, or pleasures of romantic kind. Friends may come up with something so brilliant and new, Geminians could well choose to disrupt the blossoming romance, and go their own way – with their friends. Not to worry, it’s all fleeting with the lunations that last a few weeks.

Fire and cardinal sign ARIES may feel the need to lead strongly in the face of the indecision of their partner, or so they view it. Never afraid to blaze the path, they take initiative and decide which way it should all go. Much to the Aries straight-talking person’s dismay, their partner reacts strongly and in no uncertain terms lets them know that they are upset and hurt Aries didn’t consider their feelings and ask them first. Aries can feel they can’t win, and may end up changing their minds with moon and Uranus hovering in first or 12th houses, depending on your personal rising degree. It is advisable to try to hold any decisions at this time, since Uranus is likely to swing the pendulum back and forth for some time before settling permanently.

The other fire sign Leo and Sagittarius focus will be more on how to initiate versus partnership needs in different areas of life, depending on the house where the full moon falls, and their mode of action, either cardinal as Aries, fixes as Leo, or mutable as Sagittarius.

Fixed fire LEO’s attention is on community and things they can do nearby, although the partner’s attention is more toward getting away, far away from it all. Being the king of all the others in animal kingdom that Leo the lion symbolizes, Leos usually won’t give in, and the eruptions from their partner most likely will result in doing things the Leo way, as usual.

Mutable fire sign SAGITTARIUS is likely to change their minds – not so unusual – about whether to flit about from date to date or one fun activity to other, or actually doing something more serious concerning many people. Given the natural generosity and humanitarian and spiritual bent of this sign, most likely the more ‘noble’ calling wins.

CAPRICORN is a solid earth and cardinal, or action initiating sign. With this full moon across their home-career/status axis, something may come to light without any warning at home because both moon and Uranus are traveling in the fourth house. At the same time, it feels like it’s Capricorn’s turn to shine their inner core in business and public affairs using their earth quality. With the sun in 10th going for the steady tangible results as far as status is concerned, it will most likely win and bring results in the long run – but not without what may feel like a sudden eruption at home, with hurt feelings and accusations.

TAURUS, a fixed earth sign, will want to work as usual toward a secure future in a reliable fixed course, but during this full moon, it can be tough for even the usually placid Taurus to stay focused, because the combined moon/Uranus in 12th house of unbridled emotions that are usually buried somewhere under solid earth, will suddenly surface. But Taureans will get through it with their usual steady, earthy no-nonsense common sense – and live to win another day.

The third earth sign VIRGO is also mutable, giving it both the ability to bring tangible result, and be flexible in the process. The moon and Uranus will act to upset Virgo person’s deep emotions and joint money affairs, but Virgo won’t put up with it for too long. Something unexpected will come up now and up to few more weeks, affecting partnership finances, but nothing serious unless other planetary points are directly affected.

CANCER – This sensitive, family oriented water cardinal sign would like to feel comfy at home. With Uranus and moon in the 10th house showing changes and agitation at their place of career or even affecting their fate, it’s likely they will withdraw home to sit it out and just feel their concerns (maybe with the help of home cooked comfort food or pints of ice cream), but external events may still reach there from outside. This will only be longer lasting if personal points are affected directly. In any case, this full moon promises to be an exciting seesaw of rollercoaster emotions and unexpected events outside home.

SCORPIO, a fixed water sign, is intensely emotional to start with – and moon and Uranus together in the 12th house of unpredictable unsettling unconscious emotions can easily bring up some long-forgotten – or so they thought – material they’d rather never think about. Luckily, with the sun illuminating their 6th house of everyday living, work, and health, sticking to established daily routines will see them through even this one. It will pass.

The 3rd water sign PISCES is mutable and a very emotional sign. This full moon takes place in their 2nd house of money and self-worth against shared resources, and both could take some unexpected hit in the next few weeks, but unless other important points are touched in their own personal horoscopes, nothing too serious. The sun in 8th house promises fulfillment in shared matters, be it money, intimacy, or deep, psychic communication, but only after some upset shown by the Uranus opposition.

Again, if you need help finding out where your personal planets are, try the free calculator at, or message me here.

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