Mars conjunct Pluto: Intimidation and courage


When the chips are down, try the trick these little kitty-cats, apparently tried - and succeeded. 

With the raw energy Mars rapidly approaching even more nuclear Pluto in the skies, the message and choice is either to be intimidated by the bully energy - or to tune into the incredible transformational and re-birth power of the good side of Pluto. 

As the second photo suggests, it helps to see yourself as the huge, proud lion, instead of a frightened little cat in the face of all odds. 

Then, let that power shine, show what real power is, re-invent the storyline. Be brave. 

Pluto, the planet ruling Scorpio many consider the big baddie has a healing, transmuting power also. Mars, symbolizing pure energy is also Scorpio ruler of old, as well as Aries, and it  will energize your stanze in the coming days, especially if you have planets or points near cardinal signs 9 to 15 degrees, especially Capricorn. 

Stand tall, remember, it's only a game of shadows and smoking mirrors!

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