Mars square Jupiter: Act or reflect?


Mars symbolizes direct  action, Jupiter symbolizes expansion, and also higher mind and philosophy.

When Mars in Capricorn, the the sign it which it’s measured is at odds with Jupiter in balance-giving Libra, everything doesn’t have to hang on a thin thread.

The first impulse of Mars is always to charge ahead, regardless of consequences, and with Jupiter, things just naturally expand. This can lead to rash action, rash expansion.

But Mars is tempered being in Capricorn. This already gives pause to the direct action it demands. Then, Jupiter challenges it to be fair in the sign of Libra, and to do that, you need to apply caution.

Another natural Jupiter function is to find the philosophical, birds-eye view, ever more so in Libra.

This is a time for reflecting on what you want to charge ahead with. Weigh your options carefully – see the long-term, long-sighted eagle’s eye view that will come as the consequence of you actions.

Applying the best side of both of these planets in signs they can function well in will steer you toward the best possible courses of action.

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