Neptune square Saturn: Dare to dream

dreams-or-realityMost everyone has heard about the fear-evoking Saturn times in astrology. When that planet of time and karma squares the planet of dreams-can-come-true Neptune in the skies, do you see this as “reality hits the fan’ in a bad way – or believe in your dreams anyway?

I’m not denying reality and there’s no way of getting away from Saturn’s effect of having to face boundaries and blocks, in fact they’re one of the most reliable times for forecasting for an astrologer, in my experience.

What I’m saying is this: Neptune symbolizes dreams, visions, intuition, as well as delusion and deceit, and Saturn as noted symbolizes hardships, delays, blocks, misfortune, but do you believe that you can influence your life or not? Do you think it’s all pre-ordained in the ‘stars’ and there’s nothing you can do but be fearful and depressed and think your dreams have died?

My kind of astrology says, yes, these influences are there but your response is up to you. Always. You can ask, is the glass half empty or half full? You can ask, is this the time to dream it better no matter what?

I’m using the photo above with thanks to because it expresses the essence of Neptune square Saturn. Even modern physics state there are many realities and parallel universes, and acknowledges these planes intertwine and intersect and what you do in one dimension can affect what happens in the other.

Choosing the space-time possibility that this time is just a blip in the fabric of the endless universe and daring to go into that in-between time to dream a different dimension expresses the possibilities inherent in the Neptune square Saturn friction.


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