Pisces lunar eclipse: Celebrate dreams and visions


All eclipses can clear the decks of that what you no longer need but don’t want to let go of – a lunar eclipse in the sign of Pisces the dreamer if full of magic and portents. It’s inviting us all to let go of the improbable, impossible dream that just keeps getting further away.

Will you see the future today if you concentrate on the magic of the moment?

Do you know what to let go of on this day?

It doesn’t matter if this touches in your personal horoscope’s planets or points because we’ll all be affected by the combined dance of Sun/Moon/Earth, although of course it will be much stronger if it does. It happens at 24 degrees Pisces, and anything in the mutable signs that form a conjunction, a square, or an opposition to it will feel it. The mutable signs are Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo.

Today, our mother Earth is between the the luminaries during this special Full Moon, this gives me pause. It brings magic to my world, but then I’m a Scorpio Sun prone to seeing the world through omens and visions. I’m seeing a new future… just when writing this, I saw an eagle soar high up in the azure skies, and that gives me the added boost to believe I’m on the right track.

The Sun is the bringer of light and life and symbol of the masculine in astrology, and the Moon is emotions and love and the feminine, and those two are opposing each other in the skies and we are in between… I love the poetry of this configuration in the skies.

Which brings me back to the idea that this will affect you more if it touches your birth chart’s points, and by way of an example, since this is on my 12th house cusp, I’ve started letting go of some dreams that drained me, reluctantly because change is hard, but also starting to see new, better dreams and visions.

To anyone reading, I would say, let change come, welcome it, leave behind that which no longer serves you, and let in new, incredible possibilities. In fact, dream the impossible!

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