Mars conjunct Saturn: Explosion alert

mars-saturnAlthough Mars is already pulling away from Saturn, both in the excitable sign Sagittarius, for those whose personal birth chart the planets Mars and Saturn touch the effects are lingering.

Mars calls you to go forward, to charge ahead, to move, to act, and in Sagittarius,quickly and right now.

Saturn says, not so fast Mars.

This is when the proverbial wall hit. No matter how much the Mars energy may have wanted to run away with it, there’s no getting around the Lord of Karma itself. The only way to deal with Saturn is to wait, be patient, and learn – or it will get worse. So even if you’ve felt and feel that explosion coming, step back, breathe the proverbial 10-count – and let go.

Simply let go. There’s the time for everything, even for that Mars rush, and then there’s the time to slow down and accept exploding will get you nowhere, during Saturn times.

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