Mercury retrograde in Virgo: hesitate, but do it!

retrograde mercury hesitationWhat does it mean when Mercury goes retrograde as seen from the earth – why should you care? As a serious astrologer, the many posts popping up all over the web sometimes annoy me because of the ‘doom and gloom’ and seeming inevitability they predict.

I also do forecasting for individual charts that take into account his or her very unique birth chart, and sometimes also New Moon and Full Moon forecasts for each sign, although I fully know they are too general to be real astrology. So why do it?

I’m going to tell about my own experiences of the astrologer world out on the web, and they go with the Mercury retrograde in Virgo theme, because to me, all those disasters predicted by one and all are almost pure nonsense. I recently parted ways with an astrology site, whose owner is doing brisk business while doing just that. I’d been working with her, writing serious reports she does also offer, first behind the scenes without her giving me credit and putting her name on my written reports, and then for a brief while with my ‘own’ page – except I had no control over it. The crunch came when she suddenly tried to reverse our agreement about the payment split, and then I realized: despite of all her declarations about wanting to help spiritually, and spread the word, it was all about the bottom line. For her it is all about business, and it seems she got greedy.

Where today’s theme comes in is with hesitation. It didn’t happen during retrograde Mercury, but Mercury function definitely played a part in deciding what to do. My immediate reaction was to tell her in no uncertain terms what I’ve said above, but my Mercury, logical mind said, hey, you have a good resource of clientele and money here, why give it up, even if it’s a smaller percentage?

But in the end it came to one thing: integrity, and to be honest, I felt and still feel relieved. I’d been very hesitant to put my face and name out there with assorted psychics and soothsayers who, by the site’s business administrator’s own words, ‘most of them are a load of rubbish’, and she should know since apparently, she had free sample readings from most everyone on the site. Now, I’m free to do astrology as I want to!

Not that there’s no grain of truth in what goes on under Mercury retrograde, and that’s where the Virgo side of this symbolism comes in. My take is, look at it, analyze it to the fullest Virgo-type precision, hesitating if necessary, but then, TAKE ACTION based on that and your gut together, and regardless of  whether Mercury is going or coming, or any other planet to that matter.

Because I don’t believe in deterministic astrology that says something is definitely going to happen on such and such a day, it’s sometimes hard to explain what the astrology I practice actually does. Every serious, real astrologer knows the answer: I try to decipher the symbolism of the map of the skies, or where the planets were at the exact moment and location when you were born, just for you, based on ancient knowledge, and then blend it with my spiritual psychotherapist training to help and guide those who come to me. And yes, it does include prediction, but only in broad terms. Based on experience, certain time periods will bring certain kinds of experiences, challenges and blessings, and that’s what i base my astrological predictions on. People seem to find it helpful, and I’m grateful for that.

But I always take pains to point out that nothing is written in stone, nothing has been pre-determined, you have a free will, and by taking a different approach and choosing to react differently to what’s coming to you, you can change your future. To me, that’s the only way to live because otherwise, we can just give up.

In future, I’ll keep posting more about the basics of astrology, at least the kind I’m in for.

Happy Labor Day here in USA!

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