Solar eclipse in Virgo: sense the power of the feminine

SolarEclipseSolar eclipse on September 1 sets off Virgo energy with the Sun and Moon joining in a dance in the skies.

New Moons and Full Moons always seem like relationships because the two main players, or symbols in the horoscope, one male and one female – are together or apart for a brief moment.During New Moon, joined together, and during Full Moon in an opposition.

Add the eclipse, and things are really turning! In a ‘normal’ New Moon, the Sun is not totally hidden by the Moon, but during a Solar Eclipse, the Moon takes the initiative to fully move between the Sun and the earth to briefly completely block the the light of the Sun on earth. See the illustration above, the Moon moves in front of the Sun.

In some level, the symbolism is simple.Today males still take the front seat in most public domains in most cultures, and females are delegated to the background.

During an eclipse, the Moon rebels! She steps out of the shadow, fully blocks the Sun, and seems to suggest, this is what I could do, but mostly choose not to, suggesting the roles are changing.

Virgo is a more complicated sign than most astrological texts suggest, in my opinion. In some sense, female Virgos still carry unconscious memories of the Earth Goddess and Earth priestesses, who yielded power as much or more as their male counterparts.

They refuse to become just the background partners in society – hence Virgoans much talked about eternally staying single. But it goes much deeper: many Virgos marry, but in their hearts do not ever give up their independence, belonging to no one, and sensing and feeling they’re right to act accordingly. And male Virgos sense the same things, perhaps recognizing their own need to stand alone belonging to no one – and everyone, too.

It’s harvest time and this Virgo Solar Eclipse invites you to be here and now, on this earth in this moment, to feel the combined power of celestial forces in cosmos.

During regular New Moons, setting your intentions is a good idea, but during the eclipse, wait a few days since what you start during a Solar Eclipse time may ‘eclipse’ as well. It has an unpredictable quality – something unexpected may come up. If the eclipse takes place on an important planet of point in your personal birth chart, you’ve felt its effect already 6 months back, and reaching into future for another 6 months and beyond.

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